Presidential Election Vox-Pop: See LIFE Theological Seminary’s Students’ preferred candidate for 2015

We conducted a poll at the Foursquare Gospel Church’s LIFE Theological Seminary, over the forthcoming General Election in Nigeria, in this month of February, and below are the responses from those interviewed.
Mrs. Arasanyin Dorcas
Actually, I have decided to vote for Buhari. There is none of them that will not make promises of what he is going to do, but because of the certain things that have happened during the time of Jonathan. It seems as if there is no way of getting over the troubles of the nation and this Buhari has been our president before, when he was in military, he was able to do certain things that make Nigerians to support him this time around, so that by the time that he comes to the Presidency – maybe he will be able to amend those problems. Based on those promises again, I believe that we should give Buhari a trial.
Mr. Adekola Azeez
Well. I choose to vote for President Buhari, because this present President (Jonathan) has promised a lot and he has failed the whole Nigerians. He has failed us on all what he promised before we gave him sympathy votes. Everything is costly; there is so much insecurity, and the economy is bastardised. So I prefer voting for Buhari because he is a former military Major General and he knew how he talked to all his boys: he knows how to curb
the Boko Haram issue and he will eradicate corruption. He is a very strict man.
Miss Grace
To avoid being sentimental, I don’t really know them very well, but based on what I have seen I will still vote for PDP: I believe Jonathan can still do something. People said Buhari is a good person, and I read on WhatsApp that when Tunde Bakare visited Buhari, he discovered that Buhari’s driver was a Christian, his private security aids are Christians, and that there was a time he (Bakare) went to Buhari’s house that Buhari wanted to fall and shouted Jesus. I saw all those things as strategies to attract Christians to vote for Buhari. Someone calling Jesus does not actually mean that he believes in Jesus, and I heard people saying that if Buhari becomes the president he will Islamise the country. Even though people say all politicians are liars.

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Mr. Odedipe Joseph Kayode – an electrical engineer
Concerning the upcoming election, I cast my vote for Buhari. Why? To some people, there is the sentimental issue of Christianity and Islam, but by the time we look at it that Jonathan have been in power for the past Five or Six years and since then we have been facing the issue of Boko Haram: people are being killed every day, but because so many of us are not affected, none of our siblings, brothers or sisters were killed, that is why we are looking at it as a mere thing, and if Boko Haram should capture Maiduguri and other parts of the North – we are envisaging the problem to come down to us over here. So, it is to tell us that he (Jonathan) is not
capable to stop the menace of Boko Haram. Another thing is our infrastructures: look at the light, only now that election is about coming – in Ikorodu here, that we are enjoying light. Sometimes we are off without light for about Seven days, using fuel everyday and making noise everywhere. Most of the roads are not good, and when it comes to education, I have one of my sons that is at home for the past four years – yet to get admission, because there is no facility.
You got to pay almost half a million naira before a child can have higher education and many of these leaders enjoyed free education: they cannot offer free education to our children. To me, he has tried his best; let somebody else come and try is best too. We want change in Nigeria, so I will vote for Buhari.
Mrs. Oketade
I’m not interested in any vote: I don’t have time to stand in the sun voting for anybody.
Mr. Afonsa Digbeyin – from Cotonou, Benin
I can’t say really – who I’m going to vote for, because I don’t really know these people very well. I have heard something about Buhari that he has been a president in Nigeria before. May be another chance should be given to Jonathan to do his eight years; to see what he would do.
Mrs. Adesola Lucas
I have no intention of voting for anybody, but all I know is that God shall appoint a good person.
Mr. Adeniji
I have not yet decided who I will vote for, may be before the election: I will decide.
Mrs. Funmilade
I have not yet decided who I am voting, but I have my voter’s card: I will surely vote.
Mr. Wemimo Olaide
I will vote for Christ because human-being is human-being: they will tell you that they would do this and that, but tomorrow – there will be nothing.
Mrs. Baalogun Taiwo
I’m not voting for anybody please.
Mr. Mike
I’m voting for Buhari because I need change.
Mrs. Omotayo Sarah
I’m voting for Buhari: Jonathan has been there for many years and the country is going astray. There is no work; there is no plan for the youths – everything is going upside-down. We do not even enjoy his social amenities that we meant to have. He has no experience about governing Nigeria, and if you can see what APC is doing – it is marvelous. You will see the roads, transportation; even in education area – they have tried. Go and look wherever PDP are governing: what are they doing? What is their purpose? But you can mention what APC have done; you can count what they are doing, and with that – you can see that they have vision for the country and with them we have hope for tomorrow, because they have passion for youths and the masses.
I could not see anything that Jonathan is doing, and he indulges in different types of corruption.
Mr. Levi
I’m not interested in that matter: if Buhari is God’s candidate – let him emerge, if Jonathan is the one – let him emerge. In the all 36 states, God have His own candidates: in the House of Reps – God have His own candidates, and in the Senate – God have His own candidates. My prayers for this election are: for the election to be peaceful; let God’s candidate emerge as the president of Nigeria, and another as the governor of Lagos state, because God knows the end from the beginning. I’m not a politician.
Mrs. Arith
Each of them will promise I will do this; I will do that, but by the time they enter into the post – they will not even remember the people again: they will forget what they have said.
Mr. Oshunlalu Olajide Henry
I’m going to vote: I have my PVC with me. I’m not going to be disenfranchised: I am going to carry out my franchise. Whoever
I will vote – that I keep close to my chest: I’m not going to tell anybody.
Mrs. Olowookere
I’m not a politician. I believe in changes now: PDP have been there for long, so let another party tries it.
Mr. Saani
I will vote. My voter’s card is with me, but who I will vote for: let my heart reveal to me. At that time, the Lord will lead me, but I pray that the person I will vote for will be a godly person and one that will move Nigeria forward.
Mrs. Adenike Oniyide
I want to vote for Buhari, reason being that I can see the works of APC in Lagos State, and I believe that they will change the situation of Nigeria.
Thanks for reading this.

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