Ex-beauty queen affirms being an agent of change to teenage girls

I’m a Lawyer. I have a PhD in Law. I’m affiliated with international organisations like The Kofi Anan International Peace Keeping Institute at the UN, ECOWAS and the AU. These are people I work with, at the moment, I’m a senior researcher for some consulting firms in the UK. I was also a beauty queen. I was the first runner-up of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant in 2003 and was Miss ECOWAS in 2004, host­ed by Cape Verde. I was the first Nigerian that won Miss ECOWAS. Beauty Pageants were just stepping stones for me. I con­tested beauty pageants because I needed money to complete my education. It got to the point that I think God wanted me to as I got the money and went back to school.

The above were the words of Dr. May  Ikora, when she was replying some questions – asked by a reporter of the Sun Newspaper of Nigeria.

Ikora is a con­sultant and entrepre­neur who had first degree in Psychology, second degree in Peace Studies, and Phd in Law from the Univer­sity of Hull, United Kingdom. She has also made a career in In­ternational Development and Human Rights.
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During her visit to Nigeria, recently, she talked about her natural skin care product line, life (living) in  abroad, and her plan to come back home very soon to fur­ther encourage and motivate teenage girls on the essence of being focused and diligent in their careers and life gener­ally. 
May seemed to be passionate about her fulfilment when she says, “By the time I became Miss ECOWAS , I was rounding up my degree programme and I thought my career was more im­portant to me than the usual glamour of becoming an actress or model which was what most of my friends got into. For a long time, I was doing pencil portraits and my first account was open with the proceeds. I did a bit of modelling but I’m known for pencil portraits in the university”.

She recounted that while she was working, her profile rose and she became a regional co-coordinator for international organisations in the UK, after which she applied for PhD scholarship and got it.
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