As Miss Nigeria is trained in conflict management

Conflict is an intriguing part of human beings that can never be done away with, but which can only be managed.

For the sort of the social status, Miss Nigeria, that Miss Lessi Peter -Vigboro now occupies – she will need to have the skills of dealing with people of different characters: there are some that will want to rubbish her status and there are others who will try to help build her image.
The Bible is superb in this regard: hear what it says
“Where no wise guidance is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” Prov 11:14, AMP.
Everybody should borrow a leaf from here: you must learn to be opened to corrections and instructions in whatever you do. You cannot be all-knowing, because you do not
have experiences of all occurrences in the world.
The Nation Newspaper reported that the training in conflict management and non – violence, according to the chairman of Air Peace and FEHN, Mr. Allen Onyema, would equip the pageant and others to benefit from the three-tier training skills in resolving  conflict related issues including insurgency and ethnic agitation in the northern part of the country.
This, we can say, is unarguably needful at this hour (in Nigeria) when there is tension among the various tribes. Some Igbo People are clamouring for the State of Biafra and boko haram sects are doing their own atrocities on a side: people are on edge to spark crisis at
any provocation, hence, we appreciate the decision to train these people in conflict management.

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Government should also sensitise the public on how to resolve conflicts, while organisations and well-meaning citizens should also endeavour to support programmes – aimed at sensitizing people on social responsibility, like our Leadership Ethics Conference, LEC.
Culled from The Nation and re-written by us.
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