What nylon littered environment can do to your health

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Plastic bags are used for finished
products packaging at grocery stores. They come in different fanciful colours
and vary in qualities and sizes.
Produced by various organisations,
all over the world, they are not only known as ‘nylon bags’ but also come in
Nylons do not easily decay, by this,
they are capable of causing environmental pollution except burnt with fire.
Even at that, they generate excessive fumes when burnt.

there no alternatives to nylon usage?
According to Jamey Wagner, there are alternatives to nylon bags which are:
plastic bags (which also take their tolls on the environment), and reusable
cloth bags.
Yet, there is tendency that the use
of nylon may persist because of their cost effectiveness – even though they do
more harm than good to the environment.
that nylon could do to the environment
1.   Land
 a nylon bag may take up to a hundred years
before it finally breaks down. Its presence on land is capable to terminating
live from plants and animals: some animals may be suffocated by it, and plants
may be killed once nylon remains unmoved – it starts to block fresh-air from
reaching the plant and causing extreme heats (during sunny days) on the plants.
Nylons are also responsible for blocking drainages: when a number of nylons are
stocked in drainage there is tendency for the drainage to overflow and cause
serious damages to lives and properties during a heavy downpour because the
water will not have chances to move freely.
2.   In
presence of nylon in the Atlantic Ocean
is estimated to be 300 million plastic bags.[1]
Sea mammals are said to mistake nylons for jelly fishes and when they swallow
nylon they die: whereas, those that survive immediate death will endure slow
and painful death as a result of intestine blockage. This turns out to affect
everyone, both animals and human beings. This is capable of sending some sea
species into extinction and causing some others to have over population that
will continually lead to more extinction of sea mammals and negative impacts on
the environment.
you can do to minimise environmental pollution from Nylon
Thanks goodness, there is no predicament
without solution. Therefore, the following tips could be observed to prevent
more environmental damages from nylon litters:
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1.   Avoid frequent collection of nylon
bags from grocery stores.
2.   Avoid purchase of nylon bags every
time you go to the market.
3.   Develop the method to preserve nylon
bags that you can use for a number of times before disposing them (properly).
4.   Always dispose (properly) every
nylon bag that you are not using again.
5.   Avoid a situation when your refuse
bin will become filled to the brim before letting waste management and control
officials to dispose it. Hence, you should pay your charges on time.

Jamey, Wagner, The Effects of Plastic Bags on Environment.
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