Editor’s Note: Issue 9 of Hierarchy Magazine

I am pleased to welcome you, our esteemed readers, to a new quarter of our publication – August to October, 2016.
With great intense, I have looked forward to when this Issue 9 will be released. Thank God, here it is and I want you to (kindly) read the contents as
you have been doing before.
I will like to implore you to share our magazine with your friends. By this, you are committed to making the world better with us.
Our drive on this publication remains ‘impacting for social responsibility and the concern to reduce social vices’. Please, come along with us to instill those values in youths and teenagers – all over the world.
It is my joy to announce to you thatoe-profile-picture
a new dawn is coming upon our publication. I can, only, tell you to wait (till the next issue) before you will get wind of what is coming.
Notwithstanding, what is coming is something magnanimous: things that will reshape online journalism, in the Christianity.
In this issue, we have topics like: Writing people off makes you miss the mark; How your Christianity can be proven through tolerance; Why is so much division in Christendom?; The mocking of Godly counsel by Nigerian youths; Nigeria football ‘as man’ experiences joy, sorrow same time; Faces of people from #LEC2016; Participants at the #GrandeurCommunicator in January2016; The changing nature of entrepreneurship startup; A little advice for hackers on our trail; Handle every business transaction formally no matter who’s involved; Lifestyle has much to do with your health; How to determine when to visit your doctor; How to have healthy, beautiful children; Business to raise media services business owners; Woman who cares about this is right to marry; How to have a successful relationship; Marriage will now survive on synergy; Among the advanced science designs in the world; and China now owns world’s largest amphibious aircraft.
Do not forget what we can do for you in our organisation. We are a media consulting firm, rendering media services.
Until we meet again in November – may the good Lord protect you and your family, in Jesus name.
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Thanks for reading this.

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