You’re not created for failed relationship, marriage

This is going to be a straight to the point article: having heard and seen how some people dumped their relationships – we decided to take a stand, to help few others.

We cannot rule out the importance of relationship in the process of contracting the marriage business: it is during relationship (initiation, friendship and courtship periods) that partners develop bonds, love and concerns for each other.

Without relationship, partners will not be able to discover certain things that will not allow them to fulfill their corporate potentials: there will be no agreement on how to raise children, how to handle the sexual needs of the marriage, how to manage finances and relate with extended family members, among others.


Why do some relationship fail?

There is this norm that people follow when they want to have relationship with the opposite sex, and people (stuck to the same pattern) will compound the problem by asking ‘how do you know that this is the person you should marry?’ Some times, they ask whether it is time for a person to enter relationship (and even want to impose their thought on the need for a person to let the relationship go) with the claim that if the lady and the guy were meant for each other – they will still marry later when (their supposed) time comes.

The point we will address is on the area of hearing from God before starting out a relationship. The Bible posits that God created everything beautifully, He has made everything beautiful in its time. He also has planted eternity in men’s hearts and minds [a divinely implanted sense of a purpose working through the ages which nothing under the sun but God alone can satisfy], yet so that men cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end,” Eccl 3:11, The Amplified Bible.

Now, we need to know that God is not a author of confusion, at the same time, He does not impose His will upon an individual that thinks otherwise. This is why the Bible describes God as a father who chastises the children because He loves them.


Two common reasons people abandon their relationship

The common one is listening to the voices of people rather than the voice of God: initially, most people claim that God led them into their relationship, but, unfortunately, many of these relationships never saw the light of the day.

There are prophets, counsellors, leaders, ministers of the gospel, friends, colleagues, family members who are manipulators but who had taken the position of overseers in the lives of many people: they impose themselves on people to let go of their senses, by positioning themselves as the only connection to hearing from God.

People who are babies in their fellowship with God are caught in deceptions by these manipulators, because they forget their claims that God led them into the relationship they are in – from which they are walking out, anytime.

There are series of cases in which many relationships were broken because the so-called overseers have their plans for one of the partners.

Another reason is personal values, visions, ambitions or change of tastes: this area is so complex.

A partner’s ambition, vision, values, tastes could (actually) be motivated by God or self, but once there is no agreement to synchronise each other’s plans – there might be the need to review the relationship.

Although, having a broken relationship does not mean that a person will have broken marriages – we just want to encourage everyone to expend godly efforts on making intimate relationship work before opting out of it (once there is no common ground).

God creates everything beautifully and perfectly, He will not confuse anyone in the process of His plans, but He does not force people who think otherwise to  bid His will.

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