How inordinate affection sets you on edge

Funnily, we are apposing two (opposing) words in this article to produce a unified thought. Anything inordinate (is no longer for the greater good), while affection is something everyone (in the world) needs.

In economics, it was said that man’s needs are insatiable, which sets forth the law of demand and supply. Yet, man will (continuously) be in wants and, even, needs: as a matter of fact, economics helps us to distinguish the reality between wants and needs.

Notwithstanding, many people crave for, acquire their wants beyond their needs – resulting to accumulation of liabilities.


It is always good to choose your needs over your wants

It is noteworthy that affections apply to the acquisition of both wants and needs by a man. If you could not desire something (to the point that its absence makes you uncomfortable) you might not really want or need it.

However, you will do yourself some good to recognise and separate your needs from your wants so that you can, always, go for the needs.

When you look at the statement by John Bevere (below) in his book, Relentless: The Power You Need to Never Give Up, you will realise the gross difference between a want and a need, as well as, the greater good that choosing needs over wants do to humanity.

“So we face a very important question: Will we be like the frightened workmen who fled adversity to save their lives (want), or will be courageous and relentless as we pursue heaven’s mandate (need)?[1] So, to which of the groups do you belong?


How then does inordinate affection sets one on edge

You remember that we said that whatever is inordinate is beyond normal and not good for the greater good?

Being inordinate over things (material and immaterial) will, definitely, make you to do things that are wrong. It will cause you to find provisions, answers, and desires in places where you will compromise your right standing.

At the end, you will realise that your life is plunged into insecurity, fear of the unknown, perhaps debt too – because, inordinate affection is capable of pushing you into doing what you cannot bring to the knowledge of people.

In so doing, loneliness will vaporise your selfworth, confidence and trust in God, as well as, in your potentials and the people that God has blessed you with.

In a nutshell, we are encouraging you to gauge your affections always in order to know when an affection for anything is becoming inordinate (for you to be able to nip it in the bud).

Afterall, needs will, always, be present in your life (no matter how financially buoyant you are). Hence, you do not need to allow the presence of needs (in your life) to force your hands, minds and wills to do evil.

The things that should be your guidance is to be diligent in whatever you do, and putting your faith in God for the change that you desire.

[1] John, Bevere, Relentless: The Power You Need to Never Give Up, Pg 12.

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