No little ‘exercise effort’ is anyway small

Nobody will desire a complicated health life, but not everyone is doing something about staying fit.

We are concerned about the healthiness of our readers: we want you to expend some efforts into exercise, daily, no matter the littleness of the efforts you make.

Hence, we look into this article, Results are the Sum of Small Efforts…, by Davey Wavey, and present his thoughts to you – hoping that it would help you to change your disposition to health related matters.

When it comes to creating a healthier lifestyle or building a stronger body, the little things – done repeatedly tend to add up.

According to him, “Thirty minutes at the gym, for example, is only thirty minutes at the gym. The effect is fairly negligible, but thirty minutes at the gym 4x per week for a year means 6,240 minutes of exercise. That’s huge… “small” efforts can be pretty dramatic”.[1]

He noted how helpful it could be for one to think of his/her desired future body as a mosaic mural, of which it takes a lot of tiles to make a mural.

He affirmed that in and of itself, each tile is insignificant: that if the mural was missing a few tiles, no one will notice because the image will still be apparent. However, if the mural was missing a lot of tiles, then that would be a different story.

In corroboration, a pin on Pinterest reads, “Even if you can’t physically see the results in front of you, every single effort is changing your body from the inside. Never get discouraged!”[2]

While Davey opines that each tiny tile is like a single workout, game of tennis, walk in the park or any other small effort, noting that it was okay to miss a few but that the key was to accumulate as many of those small efforts as one could.

On this note, we want to say to you (our readers) to pick up your determination, join a team or follow a programme to exercise your body (for as little as possible) daily, so that you can stay, physically, fit.

[1] Davey Wavey, Results are the Sum of Small Efforts…

[2] j m saved to Motivation quotes

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