Press Release: Preparations for #LEC2017 in top gear

#LeadershipEthicsConference, #LEC – 2017 edition is around the corner: this year, it is all about the participants overcoming challenges in order to make positive impacts in the society.

This informed the theme, #Erupt, that we are considering this year: as in a volcanic eruption, where hot materials: lava, rocks, dust, ash and gas compounds are thrown out of a volcano due to density and pressure – so is the need for #Eruption in the lives of those who will make progress, in all spheres of life.


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Please, click here to download Sponsorship Proposal Document for #LEC2017.


Which organisation holds #LEC?

#LeadershipEthicsConference is organised by OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT, also known as OE Global Concept, a Media Consulting Firm, which primes itself on professionalism, excellence and integrity – offering Integrated Media Services.

We are the owners of Hierarchy Magazine (for youths & teens), ELECTRONIC Pub (for sales of digital contents by authors).

We have been organizing #LEC, annually, since the first edition in 2014.


What is #LEC all about?

With this conference, we set out (in OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT) to inculcate Social Responsibility and the Concern to reduce Social Vices in the society via the attendees.

The target audiences are within the ages of 16-35 years: this set of people are the ones qualified to partake in contest(s) for our Certificate of Recommendation and Scholarship into our Media Communication Training.

However, people of all ages (who are interested in this conference) are, warmly, required to register for all editions, once registration commences.

Objectives of the conference

  1. To create the interest to always work towards the peace and unity of the country and the vicinity of participants – in the participants.
  2. To create the sense of social responsibility in the participants.
  3. To motivate participants on reducing social vices.
  4. To inculcate human communication (relationship) in the participants.
  5. To create the spirit of self-sacrifice (for the purpose of changing the society for good) in the participants.
  6. To enlighten participants on the power of integrity.

EligibilityCertificate of Recommendation

Before a participant qualifies for the certificate, s/he will have to contest for an entry in which – only the 1st-given number candidates to send in answers for the questions asked will pass to the next stage.

The 2nd stage and the 3rd stage until qualified candidates are picked – will be written/online test(s) based on the conference presentationscurrent issue of our online magazinecurrent affairs and the book, (Leadership Ethics), published on the conference.

Hence, participants are advised to be in possession of quality communication gadget that will aid the successful participation in the test(s), online.

Participants are advised to purchase a copy of the book here for just N50.

Aims: Certificate of Recommendation

  1. To motivate participants on educational pursuit in order to use the certificate in job CVs.
  2. To encourage beneficiaries to live a life of integrity and accountability, knowing that any misrepresentation of the sponsor(s) and OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT amounts to withdrawal of the certificate, permanently.
  3. To support those who may be looking for jobs but need standard referee for their cover letters. Beneficiaries will be able to use OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT – being a juristic person.
  4. To project the image of our sponsor(s) as supporting moral values.
  5. To work with our sponsor(s) without charges in getting qualified candidates for available positions among the beneficiaries of the Certificates of Recommendation.


Register here to participate in #LEC2017.

Please, click here to download Sponsorship Proposal Document for #LEC2017.


Attend #LEC2017, gain scholarship into our Media Communication Training

Only candidates that participate in the contest for our Certificate of Recommendation are eligible to gain scholarship into this training, where we will teach participants on:

  • Creative Writing.
  • Online Journalism.
  • Publication Development.
  • Media Regulating Laws.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Basic of Digital Marketing.
  • Introduction to News Gathering and Writing.
  • Introduction to Services Rendering.

Beneficiaries will have the same opportunities that their counterparts (who pay full prices for the training) have, including opportunity to: do 3-month Virtual IT with us, and become partners after successfully completing the courses (excellently).

Course materials and graded Certificate will, also, be issued (without further charges).

Further Requirements from Beneficiaries of our Scholarship

  • Candidate must score 55above in the test for the Certificate of Recommendation.
  • Candidate must register for and participate (in the training) during the February Editionof the following year, only.
  • Candidate must register on/before January 31, 2018 for our training.
  • Candidate will be required to pay a sum of Five Thousand (N5, 000)only, before being able to register for and participate in all available courses.

Candidate is advised to check specific registration details (on this scholarship programme), here, before taking any action.

Register here to participate in #LEC2017.

Please, click here to download Sponsorship Proposal Document for #LEC2017.


Sponsor #LEC2017 for massive advertising, publicity and discounted services (highly affordable costs)

Organisations, business individuals are called upon to give strength to this conference, annually, through sponsorship, which (in turn) grants sponsor(s) massive advertising/publicity packages from us, at relatively low prices.

Categories of Sponsorship

  • Premium Category: N100, 000.
  • Gold Category: N80, 000.
  • Silver Category: N50, 000.
  • Bronze Category: N20, 000.

Please, click here to download Sponsorship Proposal Document for #LEC2017.


Highlights of #LEC2017

  • Red Carpet at 12pm-1pm.

Topics of Presentations:

  • The Essence of LIFE by Bamidele Salako (1pm-2pm).
  • Growing Substantially out of Challenges by Emmanuel Oladipo (2pm-3pm).

Register here to participate in #LEC2017.


Thank you,

We look forward to receiving you at this year’s edition,

The Team,


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