Which is most beautiful planet of our solar system?

We present the nomenclature and unique feature(s) of each of these planets, below:

  • Mercury is deadly, burning and sun blasted, no atmosphere, temperature near 400c.


  • Venus, which the Roman goddess of love is called (is nothing like love). It is the most deadly, rocky planet.

Its atmosphere is crushing and its temperature is unbearable, at 450c. It is the hottest planet, cloud of sulphur dioxide. There are volcanoes and molten rock everywhere so that no human can land on it.

Its pressure will kill anyone before its temperature does.


  • Mars – is barren land, red planet with max carbon dioxide (near 90%). No emf, any deadly solar flare can completely destroy any imaginary life on itin second.

Its temperature can drop to –143c. It has a hostile but better climate than any other planet of solar system.

While our snow is made of frozen water, Martian snow is, actually, made from frozen carbon dioxide, which we know as ‘dry ice’. There is no comparison between Best (earth) and worse (mars).


  • Jupiter is a gas giant with gigantic storms: it is all gas. Its atmosphere is filled with violent lightning . A single bolt of lightning there can be 1000 times stronger than here on earth.

The most famous of these storms is known as the Great Red Spot.

Earlier, it was discovered that Jupiter can form diamonds in its atmosphere. Now, imagine a place where diamonds are flowing in atmosphere at very high speeds (like bullets): the worst hurricane on Earth is billion times better than any of Jupiter’s.


  • Saturn, the hottest spot on Saturn is –122c. It is a gas giant where winds flow almost over 1800 km/ph.

Lightning storms create carbon soot that might be compressed into diamonds as it falls through the atmosphere of Jupiter and Saturn. Perhaps, humans decide to travel into Saturn, the diamonds (there) would cut through their bodies like countless little bullets.


  • Uranus, firstly, is a completely gaseous planet that has a surface atmosphere of –224c.

At first glance, Uranus looks like a plain blue ball that has little activities going on it, but the planet has a fairly active weather system and enormous hurricanes that can only be seen with infrared telescopes.

Like Jupiter, Uranus also has diamonds raining down on its surface.


  • Neptune has the most violent wind in the solar system which can reach an astonishing 2414 km/h (1,500 mph). Like all of the other gas planets, atmospheric carbon compresses into diamond rain.


  • Pluto experiences massive swings in temperature due to its highly elliptical orbit. It is completely Frozen. If you had exposed your hand directly into its atmosphere, it would be frozen at the moment and would fall apart.


  • Earth is the most habitable planet in the solar system. The most habitable because scientists might be trying something on the other planets there are – to make people, who are daring, live in there.

There is no Sphere like Earth. It is reflection of Heaven. Perfect Planet. Perfect atmosphere, water cycles, mountains which stabilise the earth and stop winds: without these mountains there will be winds (as it is in Neptune), and frequent earthquakes. Oxygen temperature is perfect. It is a little Blue diamond in the vast darkness of space.


  • Sun is the star so equally important to earth. The Earth cannot support life without the Sun, although, Jupiter and Saturn protect the Earth from asteroids by their powerful gravity.


Culled from Quora but edited.

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