Lot of price to pay to perform along known artistes – Necole Coker

Known as Abimbola Necole Coker, in the days we were still studying journalism – she was a young, vibrant and talented young lady who will, always, have things to say.

Years after, she is now the CEO of her Musical Group, Necole Music – which runs with her group – called the Extreme Worshippers.

In this interview with our Editor-In-Chief, Emmanuel Oladipo – Coker bears her mind on: music, education, self development, relationship and other sundry issues.

What have you been putting together since 2013?

2013? Well that’s quite far… my music, school and enterprise business and improving on myself and skills.

You know that’s about the time we last saw?

So how is life since then?

Wow that’s ages… things have been wonderful and the lord has been  showing up.


Let’s take your focus one after the other. Hint me on your musical career.

Okies… My musical career has been good but I need support and push that’s all.


When did you start music and how many songs have you put out since you started?

Wow, since I was age 8, but professionally on my own, age 18. And I have three songs out.

How would you describe the feedbacks from your audience on those songs?

Well, it was really a good feedback and a wonderful source of encouragement, but we know gospel and inspirational songs in this part of Nigeria might not get a good air play or reach due to lack of good music orientation.


But don’t you think that orientation is already changing with the likes of Tope Alabi, Frank Edward, Sinach among others?

Well, I can’t really say on that because different artist and different genres of music, so it’s not all that strong yet.

Then you are referring to individual artist’s style of music. Is that so?

Yes… and speaking of being a change agent. As to the artist you have mentioned their name… well, personally for me, they are trying their best and can operate at the best they know of, but not as much for upcoming artistes in the same field.


Are you saying that there is a lot of gap between established and up & coming artistes in Nigeria?

Of course, we know that and can’t blame the known artistes totally. A huge one self… to even get a platform to sing along side the known ones – you have a lot of price to pay, even, when you are better than the known ones.


I was thinking that there are platforms of interactions for the two classes to mingle and collaborate?

Yeah .. like I said above, don’t blame these known artistes because most upcoming artistes too can be clinging and rather rude, having some funny attitudes that encourage discrimination amongst professional interactions.


So despite the seeming challenges how do you see yourself in Gospel Music in the next five years?

The collaboration thing, I can’t really tell much because I don’t know how the process goes.

Seeing myself in gospel music, I am not keen about having fame or fortune so long I can reach out to a number of groups and bless them with what the lord has deposited in me – I’m satisfied. And I see myself still waxing stronger even after 5 years and I know it can only get better.

My main objective as a minister and inspirational artiste is to heal and give peace to people through my music.

Do you do gigs?

Yes I go for ministrations.


Then I think you could have chances to collaborate with some of the known artistes through your manager.

Well I don’t have a manager .. I fund all expenses in my music and all that pertains to me.


Wow… Thumbs up to you.

Did you then use the same producers for all your three songs that are out?

Nope, different producers.


I could have said that a singular producer might be interested in managing you for gigs and collaboration.

Let’s talk about yourself development.

Hmm… Ok.


How did you encounter Christ?

You’re no longer the Coker I was afraid of back in school.

Lolz… I always have Christ from child hood.

I was born into Christianity and I understand the fullness of his grace too.

So I would just, rather, say back then at school I was going through a process to getting to knowing him better. And I’m still a work in progress don’t miss it oh.


What did you mean by I should not miss it?

Miss like you sounding like I’m one new baby or new person you never knew so I’m still the old Coker, let’s just say that grew up – to taking more precise decisions and responsibility and charge over her life.


Hmm. Okay.

Would you like to talk about your educational privileges?

Okies then. After secondary school I went to Peterkings music school to know the theory since I know the practical aspect and then to NIJ for journalism course then I enrolled to aviation flight and ticketing business school for a professional course. And also went for leadership course and business development class too.

I’m still learning anyways.


Good feats there.

Any plan to further your education within academic corridors?

Yeah, I am running a professional course for now and also taking a lot of time to nurture my inbuilt talents.


Aside from music what other business do you engage yourself with?

I have an enterprise I am running…  fashion and style small scale though that deals with hair, bags, shoes, decorations, makeup, stage management, set designing, crafting, drawing and the rest.

I also have passion for creativity.


How do you rate your business turn up since you started?

It’s been fair enough and the response has helped to be unique and outstanding out of the ordinary, but fair enough still working my way up.


What are the challenges you’ve faced since you started your business outfit and how have you been able to overcome them?

Well, the challenges were, first, space and getting clients, but I have become better through the use of social media and other platforms like church, school and other event centers to sell my brand and the turnout has been fair enough.


What do you think government should do to help SMEs in Nigeria?

That’s a hard one .. but if I was in power I can relate because I will consider the product of different individuals and try to make it cheap to access and affordable so the last consumer can benefit too.

I, basically, think if the economy is more favourable in terms of affordable goods and services then life will be better for any one operating a small scale or even Large scale enterprise.


So, let’s digress a bit.

You’ve found love, I know. Would you like to tell us about him?

Lolz… hmm I love to keep it discreet for now till it’s makes enough sense.


That’s great then. Congrats to you.

Thanks very much.


It’s been a long one…

I trust that you would grant us audience next time we call on you?

Of course, and it was really great speaking to  you and I’m glad you doing great too.


Thanks so much.

So see you at other times. Thanks for your time.

Okies then.

Nice one, more grounds to cover and more grace.

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