Registration commences for our Media Communication training, 2018 sessions

Our media communication is established to develop participants’ written communication skills, and (partially) their public speaking abilities.

This in-house training runs in three sessions, every year, namely:

February Session: 4 Mondays, 4 Wednesdays & 4 Fridays.

April Session: 4 Mondays, 4 Wednesdays & 4 Fridays.

June Session: 4 Mondays, 4 Wednesdays & 4 Fridays.


Courses offered, division of training in each session

There are, particularly, eight courses offered in all the sessions that we run, in-house. These are:

  1. Creative Writing – 1st week.
  2. Online Journalism – 1st week.
  3. Publication Development – 2nd week.
  4. News Gathering and Writing – 2nd week.
  5. Media Regulating Laws – 3rd week.
  6. Basic of Digital Marketing – 3rd week.
  7. Public Speaking – 4th week.
  8. Introduction to Service Rendering – 4th week.

All these courses are taken in any of: Business Leverages System (BLS), Grandeur Communicator (GC) or Public Speaking (as a standalone course).

We, also, have a Scholarship Scheme that can, only, be given to participants of our Leadership Ethics Conference, each year. If you would like to win this scholarship, quickly register for LEC2017 here, and attend it.


Who should register for, attend a session of this training

Since this is a capacity building training for members of the general public, we advise that the following class of people find time to register and attend:

  1. Secondary School Leavers.
  2. Self Employed/Entrepreneurs.
  3. Group Leaders/Project Coordinators.
  4. Authors (established & aspiring).
  5. Retirees, among others.

This training is, especially, good for those that want to specialise in Media Services Business: we will equip you with all necessary information that you need to stay afloat in your new business line.


Start to register now

Registration is, already, ongoing for the February Session of our training. Stop procrastinating anymore – we, only, have three sessions this year, except you call for a Private Training Session.


Things you will gain by attending this training

The list is endless, however, below are some of the things that you will gain from this training, in any of our available sessions. Participants will be able to:

  • Start a media services business.
  • Have enhanced productivity at work place.
  • Make creative ideas of different media services.
  • Increase own business resources.
  • Understand how to handle media relations to enhance sales.
  • Handle in-house publicity.
  • Handle in-house publications.
  • Develop a better approach to writing.
  • Engage the use of social media & digital marketing to boost resources.
  • Understand proper referencing of sourced materials.
  • Understand the processes of print media productions.
  • Acquire competence in Rules of Grammar.
  • Write all forms of literary work.
  • Know how to gather & write news.
  • Understand how to establish & manage online publication.
  • Run own print or online media platform(s).
  • Understand various ways by which the media is regulated.

We will like to hear from you

Perhaps, you have some enquiries to make or you need us to clarify something to you – please, use the contact details below:

Email –

Mobile Numbers:

(+234) 07013289600, WhatsApp.

(+234) 08153745017, calls.


… you deserve the best.

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