Press Release: Recent developments in our organisation

Complement of the season to you.

We are glad to be interacting with you again via this medium after more than one year and few months break. At least, the last complete edition of Hierarchy Magzine was published in May 2018 and until now, we have put all activities in the publication on hold.

We, therefore, appreciate you all for keeping faith us, trusting that you would even do more with us, henceforth: we count on you!

The reason for the long break was due to many very important projects that we embarked upon in the course of the year – aimed at positioning our organisation, OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT, in order to serve you better. Thanks to God, we were able to execute those projects successfully and, now, we are back to serve you better; to run errands for you.

On Leadership Ethics Conference, LEC

We recognise God Almighty as our enabler regarding this annual conference ever since we made its debut in 2014 – we have not failed to host it in any of the years and this year is not different, in fact, this year is a better version of all the past years: we have taken the steep higher, moving the conference away from church venues into a paid for event centre.

As you are well informed, excellence comes at greater prices: we admit that it has cost us some good fortune to put this conference together, hence, participants who win our Scholarship into Media Communication Training would be asked to pay just N500 for each training material as against N3,000 charges, per course, for members of the general public.

OLEM Support Initiative: A new dawn

Our CEO, Emmanuel Oladipo, has instituted a new platform with the aim to support: Politics Participation Advocacy, Child Education, Youths Empowerment and Humanitarian Aid. This he runs in conjunction with members of the group and members of the board, respectively.

Come on board with us then

Knowing what our organisation does, we invite you to fully take advantage of our services to increase your reach, profits and professional image before your clients.

We are ready to go with you all the way and to put smiles on your face: therefore, you are allowed to discuss any form of help that you might need with us.

Nothing is ambiguous; nothing is unachievable. We will give you the best because that is the only thing that you deserve.

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