10 habits to harness for career success

We all want to get ahead in our careers, but unfortunately, there are no shortcuts: On the upside though, there are a few, easy habits you can pick up that can transform your work life for the better.

Hallie Crawford, a certified career coach and founder of HallieCrawford.com spoke on habits that help the most successful people to stay on top of their career.

Below are what Hallie said contribute to success to career building.

1. Wake Up Early

Mornings may be rough but they are also a great time to get started on your daily work. If you’ve got a seriously packed week, spend some alone time in the office getting yourself caught up.

“If you’re a morning person especially, getting work done before people get into the office, before interruptions occur, can help you get a lot accomplished.” Hallie said.

2. Communicate Effectively

It may be hard communicating with bosses at times: They are always busy and at times they may be so intimidating one would quake in the heels.

Yet, if your boss or manager scares you, it is important to keep an open line of communication with him or her: let him or she knows where you are – on current projects and you must speak about the new ideas and the opportunities that you have in mind.

It is very important to also manage juniors’ and colleagues’’ expectations.

3. Stay Organised

This one is so simple (yet so hard) principle for those that desire success in their career pursuits. For example: keeping your e-mails and documents in order, can honestly save your work life.

Hallie says, “Organisation is critical to a busy work day. You have to understand and focus on priorities in order to manage time effectively, but also be able to find documents and emails, for example, quickly and easily”.

4. Use Your Time Management Skills

We all have time management skills tucked somewhere in the back of our brains, but most of the time, we would rather procrastinate on task we have to do in time. You must properly schedule how much time each of your projects will take, and while at work remember that – procrastination is the enemy of career success.

Hallie said that, multi-tasking at work is actually not a good practice.

5. Ask For Help

We all need a little help sometimes, despite what we want to believe: none of us are the work equivalent of Wonder Woman. “You have to be willing to ask for assistance when needed and not try to be all things to all people. Understand your skill set and focus there. If you try to do everything, you can spread yourself too thin time-wise but also take on things that are not in your wheel-house.” Hallie said.

6. Find and Use a Mentor

Another best way to get ahead in your career field is by choosing someone older and wiser (or simply more experienced) to show you the techniques of the job.

Go to networking events and make as many friends as possible. If you find one person who could really help you out in the long run, it is time to make a new friend and or mentor. They can help you out when you are feeling stuck and open doors that you may never even know – were closed.

7. Cultivate Good Workplace Relationships

Not only is it important to network outside your workplace; you should also try to build good relationships with your colleagues. “This will enable you to ask for help and get it: to be able to leverage others’ expertise when you need it, because you’ve developed these positive relationships.” Hallie said.

8. Stay Honest

This one is as simple as tit for tat. You would not want your boss or colleagues to lie to you and if you are honest and dependable, your colleagues will know that they can depend on you when they need it. This, Hallie said, “People will trust you more if you do this. If you build your career on honesty and integrity, your superiors will know they can trust you with more responsibility when the time comes”.

9. Dress to Impress

You may always feel more confident when you look fierce, but Hallie reiterates that how we dress also has a lasting impact on how we are viewed in the workplace. “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. How you dress makes an impression and is part of your brand. Dress like you’re ready to be the boss – to walk in those incredibly intimidating patent leather heels!” said Hallie.

10. Examine Your Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the best and ways to succeed in your career field is to know what you can do and what you cannot do!

“Stick to what you know best. Understand your strengths and weaknesses, so you know how to manage both of them, and be able to surround yourself with people who can complement your strengths and weaknesses.” Hallie said.

With what you read, I can only pray that God will enlarge your horizon and crown your efforts with success in Jesus name.

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