How to become resistant to viral opinions

When we talk about anything ‘viral’, we are referring to a scenario in which information travels from one person to another – through the help of the internet, or any other means.

Somebody might busy him or herself with the question of ‘how does the spread of information concern a person to the point that s/he will attempt to become resistant to it?’, it is necessary to be aware of the issues that are raised in this article, in order to know why one must become resistant to such things.

When does information travel and at what speed?

In communication models, there are different stages of: initiating information, receiving the information and providing a feedback to the sender (a condition which rotates, until communications end).

According to Schramm (1955) and Wood (2009), the Interactive Model sees the receiver or listener providing feedback to the sender or speaker. The speaker or sender of the message also listens to the feedback given by the receiver or listener. Both the speaker and the listener take turns to speak and listen to each other. Feedback is given either verbally or non-verbally, or in both ways.

You could, therefore, see that information travels when the possessor decides to share the information with any person that s/he wishes.

… The speed at which information travels

Information might not travel at the speed of light (due to uncontrollable circumstances), but it has the capacity to travel far and wide (within a period of time). Also, immediately information is released, it will begin to spread through every mean available to it: then, it will become viral.

Why becoming resistant to viral opinions?

‘Viral opinions’ imply negativity, but might not be negative entirely. There are two types of information that could go viral (in the public domain).

  1. The good information, and
  2. The bad information.

You need to become resistant to the bad information that might go viral against you in order to avoid damage on your personality. However, you can only become resistant to the circulation of information about what you have not committed, while you could rebuild your image from the circulation of the information about what you committed. So, prevention is better than cure.

You need to become resistant to viral opinions due to the following:

  1. To safeguard your personality, because, viral opinion (sometimes) might cost your living – if adequate measure is not taken to quench the information being circulated.
  2. Viral opinions can put your offerings or family in danger of repression.
  3. Viral opinions will deny you endorsement deals (as a showbiz personality), if not corrected immediately.
  4. It could make you to lose the respect that you have gained through sleepless nights.
  5. Your business competitors could do anything or go to any length – just to see you fall-off from the esteemed level that you are.

Damages are done through viral opinions but you could become resistant by taking some of the measures below:

  1. Always maintain openness in dealing with your business associates.
  2. Let people know that you stand for integrity and do not compromise on any matter, at any time.
  • You must engage the service of a Public Relations Personnel, when your image is being tampered with, so that the public will get the right information about you.
  1. Avoid falling into traps (through shady deals), and when you engage in such – do not cover up when you are caught. This is, however, not to support indecency, but to give you a tip that there will not be ‘a cover’ for your shady deals.
  2. You must apologise to the people that you wrong, and accept to face the consequences of your actions.

According to Maxim, a broad statement of principle, the truth and reasonableness of which are self-evident. A rule of equity, the system of justice that complements the ‘common law’, “He who comes into equity must come with clean hands”.

In other words, if any person would become resistant to viral opinions, that person must be somebody that does not commit what the viral opinions accuse him or her of, as a person can only counter an accusation if he or she is sure that such accusation has never happened, through him or her.

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