Editor’s note: Issue 6 of Hierarchy Magazine

Glory and honour unto God Almighty – for the opportunity bestowed upon us, and you, to meet each other in this quarter again.

This edition is the ‘Issue 6’ of our Hierarchy Magazine and I can promise you that this edition is loaded, as other edition was: all you got to do is to take your time and read through the contents.

I need to ask after your loved ones too: they matter to you, therefore, they matter to us too at OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT, because if they are not fine you, probably, may not be reading our publication now.

Kudos to you.

As my custom is, let me introduce the headlines of this edition’s contents to you. They include: Editorial: Everyone in Nigeria needs integrity and not only government representatives; If you pray in your pastor’s name you are idolater; Street urchins best of their kinds for disciples’ efforts; The easily provoked and the brawler of the Kingdom; Don’t’ tailor your life after ‘these’ in entertainment industry; When gospel artistes gather, God must be present; Why you should follow your industry’s necessary prescription; Committing suicide is self torture, eternal damnation; Reasons synergy is better than imposition; Should one dabble into every business for occasional money?; How to contribute green-environment project; It is time for you to do personal cooking; The evil that cold drinks do to your body; Vox-Pop: My feeling for the future of Nigeria; Importance of marriage to society, individuals; Men and women equality is against the creation; Why testing your partner if you’re not a probability?; and The robot that makes man do more.

Kindly click on each headline to read the contents: you will be blessed.

I will, also, not forget to remind you of what we can do for you. We are a Media Consulting Firm: we can help you on things that you need, as related to the media. Just get in touch with us, and you can read details of our services here.

Before I bid you bye, let me inform you that we will be starting a new training from our organisation, and you cannot afford not be part of it.

There will be limited participation access per session: this training will run on quarterly basis, but details will be released soon.

I will also like to implore you to be a law abiding citizen of this great country, Nigeria: love your God with the whole of your heart; with the whole of your strength; and love your neighbours as yourself.

Till we meet in the next edition, as regards our publication, enjoy yourself. Dream big and expect big, because with God nothing shall be impossible.


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