Editorial: Everyone in Nigeria needs integrity, not only government representatives

Nigeria is blessed with natural and human resources, but it has wallowed in abject poverty with intellectual and infrastructural rottenness for very long years.

To be candid, Nigeria is not all decayed, immoral and/or stagnated, but majority of its citizens have dragged it backward through various corrupt practices.

From the time of democracy until the last administration led by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, there have been series of allegations of corruption from one administration against another. This does not exclude the military regimes.

The first, successful, coup d’état in Nigeria was when Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu and a group of other Majors overthrew the then Prime Minister, Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (on January 15, 1966).

 A common disease that all must relegate

Like every other government representative, majority of the Nigeria citizens are corrupt minded, a quality which they claimed to have learnt from their representatives.

Until recent when PDP was ousted by the opposition party, APC, corruption was another watchword in the Nigeria government.

However, the present administration led by the All Progressives Congress, APC, is not exonerated from this accusation, as only time will tell of what would be of their agenda for the nation, but before then – we will rate the APC national government as not-corrupt: we are observing their activities.

President Muhammad Buhari has started on a good note, we concur, but his strength will be tested too by: the desires of people that surround him, as well as, his own desires – against the desires of the majority of the citizenry.

Corruption is the disease that the Buhari-led administration must relegate (from the minds of the people) – leading by examples, as he has been doing.

One would think that fighting corruption is not really achievable in Nigeria

As stolen funds begin to retrace their steps into their original accounts, one would wonder what was really wrong during the past years.

Those who stole the state money were given presidential pardon, and those who usurped the public funds were changed from their appointments to another noble appointments. Although, the Goodluck Jonathan administration, defeated at the polls by the present Buhari-administration gave a very clean and smooth transition (from the ruling party to an opposition party) – we did not get the complete results that we had hoped for.

However, for the smooth transition, we say thank you Sir to Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

To really make Nigeria a safe haven…

All government ministries and parastatals need to be purged of sharp practices, and the general populace sensitised on what the government expects from them.

The government must also ensure a clear-cut communication between itself and the citizens, and must make document or information that prohibits every offence – available to the citizens.

People of good characters should be identified and celebrated, so that others would be motivated to do good too.

Offenders should be prosecuted according to the dictates of the law without preferences and without ambiguity: the lesser class people should not be maltreated – even, if they break the law. This is calling for justice as the law prescribed it.

There should be improvement in the security of lives and properties too, so that the citizens would be able to gather to listen to their religion leaders and be persuaded to live right with their neighbours, friends, colleagues (at work) and even strangers.

We believe that Nigeria is on the right track for its establishment and recognition (for good) in the Comity of Nations.

Hence, our aim will be to uphold everything that will take Nigeria to that level of respect before the international community: our aim is not to ridicule anyone, but we can point out wrong doings to motivate positive changes.

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