Why testing your partner if you’re not a probability?

Aside from divine guidance, God will not directly take a woman to meet a man and declare that they must be husband and wife.

However, religion does not totally agree with this, as so many people would claim that God showed them the particular person that must be their husband or wife – and they will begin to hunt for that person: they (as mostly claimed) usually receive this revelation or vision through dream (in which the physique of the would be partner is well described).

On the other hand, those who play less religion are of the opinion that choosing a marriage partner requires certain things like: being born again (a person must have matured, spiritually, to the point of hearing from God); discovery of purpose; established source(s) of income, especially for those that are ready to settle down; mental alertness and physical wellbeing.

One would notice that there is something common between these two categories of people: hearing from God, but one category is more realist than the other.

 This article is particularly for those that are born-again, who might be in relationships – meant for marriage

You and your partner had agreed that your relationship is the will of God, and you have decided to marry each other. Yet, something might not be right (we will have you read through this to understand).

There is a divine declaration that constitutes you and your partner – coming together. “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall become united and cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” Gen 2:24, AMP

By the scripture, we understand that all good and perfect gifts are from God without variations or shadow of turning, James 1:17: this means that, whatever God makes or gives is very good (at all times).

Notwithstanding, there seems to be more influence of the world’s perspective than the word of God – on the children of God.

The reason is due to what people, especially God’s children, do. According to a write-up, Testing His Love: Why You Do It And How To Stop, by Jamie Rogers, people test their partners when:

  1. They feel insecure.
  2. Want to avoid responsibility for their parts in the demise of the relationship.
  3. Knowing that their partner(s) will fail – they still do it to exonerate themselves of their plots of terminating the relationship.

This now brings the question of ‘who actually spoke to most people before they enter their relationships?’

It is common to have people who could not easily locate a common book of the Bible to claim that God had spoken to them concerning their life-partners.

Many people in this category are usually directed by their lusts: materialism; physiques (postures); facial attractions; and mannerism of the said partners.

If not, knowing that God had spoken and that God gives perfect gifts to His children, no one should be testing his or partner on trivial things.

What should be the focus of any God inspired relationship would be: how to establish a godly family; how to raise godly children; how to fulfil God’s mandates on the two partners; how to contribute to the society in godly manners; how to work/walk together with Jesus till the end; and how to help the work in God’s vineyard.

It is never too late to make amends

You can still right the wrongs, provided you are in a relationship that started through lust.

You and your partner need to pray for God’s guidance until you are sure of what God is telling you: it is on whatever God says that you will now build your relationship.

However, if you are already married (through a relationship that started in lust) – congratulations, because you finally hooked up. You could have hooked up with the wrong person though, who might also be converted to righteousness later, but it is always Good to hook up with God’s children and in a godly manner to enjoy the union (from day one till death do you part).

Are you looking for a godly partner and you have not given your life to Christ?

Although, the primary purpose of giving your life to Christ is not for you to receive a godly partner, but to be identified by Jesus – as one of His sheep-fold.

Now, say the following prayer: Lord Jesus, please take over my life from today. Let my life please you, and let the Holy Spirit guide my steps everyday. Grant me the grace to continue in you for the rest of my life, and may I be fulfilled in you. In Jesus name I prayed, amen.

Congratulations, today you are saved through grace by Jesus Christ (Himself). Please:

  1. Get a copy of the Bible for you to read daily.
  2. Pray every day.
  3. Talk to people about Christ (as much as you can).
  4. Join a church, and become active member there.
  5. Practice the word of God: let it be the standard for your life.


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