Don’t tailor your life after ‘these’ in entertainment industry

Life in the movie is ‘absolute’ for every child, as people are made to believe that everything (they see) in the television movie is absolutely correct.

The minds are framed from childhood, and so many children grow (into adolescent) depicting the characters or acts that that they have seen in the movie.

“I could remember when I would try to run along the side of the walls for as long as I had wished: only for me to discover that I could take one step (at most two) on that vertical wall”. Our president, Oladipo Emmanuel recounts his childhood experience.

 This informed why we decided to enlighten our readers about some of the things that they should not make parts of their lives in these movies that have saturated the universe. Parents are also informed to note the content of this article, and thereafter, enlighten their wards about it.

Some of these devious characters include:

Bullying attitude:- this make those bullying others to feel good at what they do, because they mostly get away with it. Bullying is terrible, as it may cause a bullied person to become deranged; join gangs; become drug addicts or school drop outs. Sometimes, the bullied might gain some super-powers and later deal (ruthlessly) with those that have been bullying him or her before.

Crime act:- this is something that everyone must be aware of. That somebody committed crime in a movie and got away with to later lead a good life does not mean that it could also happen in real life. In movies, people (including children, adults, males and females) commit crimes and get away with it or it might take time before they are brought to book: in real life experience, such is not true – so you might not indulge in any crime just because you see it in a movie.

Display of love:- many love (in movies) ended up on the bed without marriage. Especially the American movies: a single mother or father is common, because a man or a woman might just decide that he or she could no longer cope with the partner again, and then he or she would seek for divorce.

God is against any divorce that is not motivated by infidelity (adultery), and a husband and wife are to sincerely love each other, but this is not the same with the love we see in moves: many couples, in these movies, even engage in crimes together.

Method of spending money:- relaxation in movies is mostly by partying, drinking and feminising. Money is used to oppress the less privilege, or used to compete against each other. Money, mostly, is also used to spread crimes in movies by hiring assassins, conducting terrorism trainings, smugglings or drug trafficking.

Appearance:- dressing in most movies are provocative, especially those worn by the females. Anyone that wants to have a touch of decency will not go after all the fashion that he or she sees in the movies. Some leave the cleavages opened, some leave the back view tempting, and some actually suggest sexual inclinations.

On a final note, movies are a great source of discovery of new things (mostly on how things are done in new methods). However, you should be aware that movies are a form of entertainment that seeks to inform, entertain and enlighten you. They are not good source for setting a standard of good characters, except when they deal with real life event – as in the case of non-fictional movies.

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