When gospel artistes gather, God must be present

If care is not taken, these days, churches are bound to plunge a large amount of money into inviting gospel singers to their programmes.

Although, it is not a bad idea to invite them – there must be spiritual blessings at the end of such events or programmes. This, however, is not the case most times.

On Sunday, August 9, 2015, at 4pm, the Foursquare Youth Ministries, Somolu District will be hosting Qadowsh, the multi-talented Soul singer in a worship service tagged ‘Worship Unleashed’. The service will take place at Jebako Hall, Somolu, Lagos.

A matter of concern is the crowd that gathers at the presence of these singers, but churches must device a strategy to bring people to Christ too

As mentioned earlier, we support the invitation of gospel artistes to church programmes.

However, people must not come and go back without salvation.

In the case of ‘Worship Unleashed’, the following artistes will be ministering alongside Qadowsh: Kenny K’ore, No Nayme and Lifestyl.

Qadowsh was quoted by The Nation as saying, “Beyond having to listen to good music, there is an atmosphere of worship charged with the presence of God which will create life changing moments that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.”

Therefore, we drum a beat of support for this collaboration between Qadowsh and the Foursquare Youth Ministries, Somolu District – praying that the lives of the majority that will be present that day would not remain the same again.

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