The evil that cold drinks do to your body

According to Natural Law, our normal body temperature is about 98.6 degrees F. If we raise that temperature a few degrees: the body starts to show signs of distress, and then, we would say that we have a fever.

Then we will try hard to return to homeostasis or normal functioning.

The body is about 70% fluid, and any fluids taken into the body becomes part of that 70%. Knowing this, we have a responsibility to put into our bodies, only drinks and foods that will enhance their proper functioning, because a body that cannot circulate its blood is like an uninviting swimming pool in which moss and bacteria grow. The blood may be thick, unable to flow properly to the extremities of the body, the hands and feet begin to feel numb and hurt, the toes begin to hurt, the toenails lose their shines and may begin to decay. The heart labours to pump the blood throughout the body, and the lungs fight to keep up. The legs may swell and become dark, when blood cannot be efficiently pumped up to the heart.

When we drink cold water, juice, or cold fluids, we create the basis for chronic diseases.

Examine the statement below by Lucia John:

‘If you purchase a bowl of cow’s blood at the market to make some famous black pudding, and you put a cube of ice in this blood, observe what happens. This warm blood becomes sticky as it clots. This is what happens in our bodies when we drink cold water, juice or any cold fluids like beer’.

When the blood is free from toxins and is flowing freely, we can liken the blood to an inviting swimming pool, which is clear and clean. It generates happiness and perfect health, as well as, energy and creativity.

Illness may have many symptoms, but it is a process as we go from perfect health to ill health. If we understand the process of Perfect Health, we will recognise when something undesirable is happening in our bodies or minds and we will not allow it to become chronic before seeing our doctor. We need to change from our fascination with disease to fascination with perfect health; then our lives will mirror our fascination and create it.

How to get rid of this undesirable condition in your body:

  1. Visit your doctor as soon as you notice that there is something that should be corrected.
  2. Take warm and or hot fluids: rather than the cold drinks to make your blood sticky and weakens your body system.
  3. Take regular walks.
  4. Start an exercise programme.
  5. Eat smaller food portions and eat more often to generate and conserve energy.
  6. Have your blood pressure checked regularly.
  7. Research, investigate, and inquire: be curious to know more about yourself and your condition, but
  8. Do not be afraid to find out if something is wrong with you.
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