Editor’s Note: Issue 7 of Hierarchy Magazine

Hey deary! I am glad that I could meet you again in this quarter: here is the Issue 7 of our online publication.

I trust that you are hale and hearty, and that you are not at the same level where we parted in the last quarter.

Let me apologise to you for releasing this edition very late: we got so much on our hands to deal with, and we are not tired. Only that we have been trying to sort things out accordingly.

In the past quarter, we were engaged in our Grandeur Communicator training which we will still be running between January 4, 5, 6 7, 2016. I implore you to come along with us: we have broken the courses down to enable you pick a course that mostly interests you – at affordable price.

In this edition, we have the following topics to bless your life: People’s opinions should not determine your lifeWhere is our security when the nation fails?Does God even answer prayers?Editorial: Why police should commence night patrolsAs Miss Nigeria is trained in conflict managementI was a little hindered from entering fashion industry – OBA of Benin’s daughter, Aibi ErediauwaProtecting your reputation in the online worldWhen is the right time to turn from a dream?Side effects of skin bleachingWatching out against breast cancerWhat nylon littered environment can do to your healthMeet Nigeria first female Port ManagerReasons you should have a relationshipThank God we are not animalsThe woman everylady should becomeAre scientists creating a new earth?Israel develops missile deflector to protect planes, passengersand This is the man who invented the ‘English Dictionary’.

I also want you to know that there are so many things that you, your business or organisation can enjoy from us: we will be eager to offer you our media consulting services.

Furthermore, I call on you to be part of our sponsors for Leadership Ethics Conference, 2016 – which promises to be bigger than the past editions.

Please, from this quarter till we meet (again)  in the next quarter in February 2016, stay safe and contribute to social development in your area, city, state and country.

God bless you.


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