The woman every lady should become

Why many young ladies prefer to have relationships with aged men is simply because of the claim that this category of men is well groomed; they have knowledge; they are working and (therefore) are financially buoyant.

In other words, the young (growing guys) are still studying and running around for their elderly ones. As such, they will not be able to cater for their financial needs.

This seems to be true, but it cannot be true of all aged men or all growing guys. In fact, age is not maturity and common sense is not common.

All lady wants established homes but few really prepare for it

In this generation, there is nothing about sex and other illicit acts that majority of primary school children do not know – parents should protect children’s future by telling them the truth about the human reproductive organ, its implication and how to use it.

As a result of accessibility to internet, any child may be able to narrate whatever s/he sees or reads about. This has opened the young generations to the danger of promiscuity (even when they are young) and into marriage. A lot of young ladies prefer to live (freely) without cognisance of the direction to which their lives have taken: they care most about the pleasure now and forget the thought of the future.

A lot of people have had sex, even though they never planned to do it. Some even hate the other person for making them do it. There are some men who hate certain women, because when they looked back after the experience, they realised that there had been a master plan to get them! There are some ladies who lost their virginity when perhaps, they were too young to even know what was happening to them![1]

Although many of the ladies that live this type of life do not engage in sex with their so-called ‘dates’. Yet, they engage in ‘double-dating’, ‘dating a stranger’, and going to meet people in strange places – risking their lives.

The virtuous woman should not be farfetched

The book of proverbs describe the virtuous woman as one who is preferred above every other woman as a result of her resourcefulness, charity, lovingkindness, and doggedness. She is described as the woman who receives praises from people because of her contributions to the progress of her husband, family and children: her children call her blessed as a result of the impacts that she has on them.

She is priceless, and is a precious jewel that cannot be measured. Prov 31:10-28.

This is what every young girl, every lady and every woman should be (in all ramifications). A woman that can develop these attributes ‘will not go out of this world without impact’.

How can ladies, women become virtuous?

Being virtuous should begin from the cradle. It should be an embodiment of upbringing that a girl receives from her parents so that when she grows up – she will not be strange to being responsible. “Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Prov 22:6, AMP.

However, a lady or woman can still become virtuous after she had lived a very unrealistic life. Please, note that the effect of the years wasted and the bad experiences encountered cannot be eradicated: rather, it can be surpassed for one to move forward in life.

Suffice it to also say that postponing when one turns a new leave could be devastating. You may die soon, and if you die in sin you are not going to heaven but hell where you will be tormented with fire for eternity.

If, however, you decide to turn a new leave now, you are doing yourself and mankind a favour. You are doing the children that you have or which you will later have a favour and you are doing the man in your life or who will come into your life a favour.

The solution is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and then you will start to experience a transformation. Truly, it is not magical: you will still have to overcome the experiences of the past, but when you accept Jesus Christ – it will be a struggle for you to leave the past behind and move on.

Please, say this prayer:

Jesus come into my life: I confess you as my Lord and Saviour. I cannot save myself; deliver me from the power of sin and worldliness. From today, may my life be wholly yours and may I find solace in you by the Holy Spirit. Thank youLord. In Jesus name I prayed, amen.

Thank you for saying that prayer. Now:

  1. Join a Godly church and continue to fellowship with them.
  2. Get your own bible and study it every day.
  3. Live your life on the standard of God’s words.
  4. Allow the Holy Spirit to order your decisions.
  5. Pray every day.
  6. Preach the gospel always.

Stay blessed.

[1] Dag Heward-Mills, The Strange Woman, Pg 3.

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