Title of work – Computer Fundamentals.

Author – Regina Abosede Rowland Oyetunji.

Date of publication – 2015.

Place of Publication – Nigeria.

Number of pages – 120 pages.

Price – N700.

Reviewer – Oladipo Emmanuel, CEO/Editor-In-Chief, OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT.

About the Author

Regina Abosede Rowland Oyetunji is the Managing Director, Halltek Consulting – an IT Consulting Firm (operating in Lagos State, Nigeria, West Africa).

She holds a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Management, having got a Higher National Diploma in Computer Science. She, also, adds a feather of professional certification to her cap (CCNA in CISCO Network).

She boasts of many years of experience in IT Consulting. She is blessed with three glorious children: David; Daniel; and Ifeoluwa Oyetunji.


Computer Fundamentals, as the title suggests, deals with introducing the readers to all about computers.

However, the book goes beyond just introducing someone to the use of computers (as first timer). Rather, it guides a reader from the level of an amateur into the level of a professional (as a result of topics discussed in the book).

This book is written for people who want to start using computer and need someone to teach them, computer professional who desire to widen their knowledge, and high school students that are taught computer subject(s) in school.

By reading this book, you will understand all you need to know about your computer(s) in order for you to be able to maintain computer’s functionality. In fact, you will not be tossed to and fro by computer engineers who fleece people of their money (once they discover that a client does not know anything about computer).

The book deals with variety of topics that are enough to teach a first time computer user – how to operate and maintain his or her computer, where to use computer and several things that a computer can be used for (among others).


Several topical issues are discussed in this book. Of course, the topics (as presented) are interrelated and are meant to guide a reader into knowing (deeply) the knowledge that the author is trying to convey – through the book.

The focus of this book is all about COMPUTER. All the components, the software and hardware of a computer are well discussed in the book.

The book is divided into five chapters:

Chapter One

In this chapter, the author deals with history of computer: computer generation, types of computer, advantages & disadvantages of computer; components of a computer; and Central Processing Unit.

Chapter Two

The author deals with computer software; micro computer; computer operation; computer programming; and transmission and presentation of data.

Chapter Three

In this chapter, the author talks on computer network (extensively). Her focus, here, is total computer networking processes.

Chapter Four

Here, Regina Rowland talks about cloud computing – touching the history of cloud computing, characteristics of cloud computing (including the ones defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology), cloud infrastructure, cloud provider interface, cloud engineering, as well as, security and privacy.

Chapter Five

Regina talks about several IT jargons in this chapter. Her aim is to educate the readers on the meaning of those words, and she did a great job with that.

She gave the meanings of about 200 IT (terminologies) related words. That is much to introduce you to new words in the computer world. She, also, talks about places where computer can be used, as well as, explaining different professionals that use computers. She did not forget to inform you of things that you should note when planning to purchase your new computer.

When you grab a copy of this book, you will appreciate the information loaded in it. Do you remember that knowledge is power? Until you pick this book and read it, you do not understand what it means to possess the power of information.


Computer Fundamentals focus on IT related matters. It saddles itself with the responsibility to (solely) teach readers on what computer is.

There is a step by step (systematic) approach of presentation that takes a reader from simple matter to hard matters (all presented in simple languages).

The  cost is friendly and the scope of the book is wide (covering all that a reader needs and must know) on Information and Communication Technology, ICT.

It is, also, well edited by hired media consulting firm, OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT. As such, it presents smooth reading experience to readers: you will enjoy reading the book, always.


For the purpose of justification, the weakness of this book is (only) in the area of bibliography. Of truth, not using bibliography listing holds no sway when a book like this is coming from the suitable and experienced professional like Regina Abosede Rowland Oyetunji – who had bagged HND in Computer Science and PGD in Management.

Hence, the weakness is not a weakness (particularly). Rather, it is a deliberate attempt of justifying the authority of the writer on this topic.


Computer Fundamentals is meant for you, reading this. This is an Information and Communication Technology age: you got to be abreast of relevant information (as presented in this book) for you to be relevant.

Therefore, you should purchase a copy today.

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