Editor’s Note: Issue 8 of Hierarchy Magazine

Hey! Does this edition of our publication meet you prepared, skeptical, optimistic, assumptive, apprehensive, joyful or blameful? Well, I got to tell you that you are the only one (humanly speaking) who can make yourself happy or hopeful.

 Nigeria is passing through a phase in her quests for change! Everyone has got his/her own share of this change’s impacts. Some people have been badly affected, while some others are still making progress in this difficult tides – in the country.

 I, for one, will let you know that you must be full of thanks to God (who preserve you till this moment), because you are able to read the latest edition of our Hierarchy Magazine. A lot of things had happened: even, to us, at OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT, but we were able to scale through the turbulent period – all by the grace of God. I will like to share our challenges between January till May this year: we were not able to produce the February to April edition – owing to these challenges, but before I talk about them let me give you the contents of this Issue 8.

 This edition covers: Editorial: Upholding social responsibility via investigative journalism – a case of NIJIf you’re poor Christian you’re in soupWhy Catholic Bible has 73, Evangelical’s 66 books; Caught between presenting Christ, mixed feelings gospelIt’s important to know your place in every one’s lifeBroken courtships better than broken marriages – Tiwa Savage, TeebillzWhat if will get you no where in lifeConstructive, Idiotic criticism: know which one you makeWhy you should not measure success with other man’s standardSafety in public places is on youThere are better ways to prepare your foodWhat banana does to the bodyPress Release: LEC2016 on social institutions, social responsibilityAgainst her wish is against the lawBuying gifts for your lady widens your knowledgeNoah experience: People still giving in marriageNew skin cancer treatment from Israeland Terrorism: Why are Toyota products mostly used for conveyance.

I am optimistic that these edition’s contents will bless your life beyond measure. I plead that you inform your loved ones, colleagues and family members about our publication so that they can also read what you have always been reading, from us – they will be transformed.

We had something like a silent period in our organisation, between January and May, this year: thanks to God, we are up and doing good now. The reason for our inability to publish this magazine between the said period was due to system crash – all activities were grounded and we were (only) using smart phones to run businesses. Now, we are back: stronger and faster.

 I will like to inform you that whatever media needs you have, you can discuss it with us. You may want to check out our services now. Please, click here.

Also, note that more efforts were put into producing this new edition. Hence, we implore you to engage us and the general public on discussion. Whether for clarification, biblical discussions, academic debates or any other form of discussion that you may want to start – like just making a comment on our articles. Please, engage us. By this, we will know that you are really encouraging us.

Till we meet at the next edition of this publication, let God guide you through your journey of life.


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