If you’re poor Christian you’re in soup

Nobody prays to be poor, we know that, and some people who are poor today became poor as a result of diverse things.

Some people became poor by their reckless spending, while some others became poor as a result of choices they made (especially, during their youthful ages).

As a Christian, in this generation, to be poor is to be vulnerable to various temptations and ridicule – that could force you into doing dirty things.

The Bible, itself, recognises money as a security. “For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it”. Eccle 7:12.

Money matters in all things

It is not a form of mockery but for us, in our organisation, we do not covet the gift of suffering (financially or otherwise). There is nothing wrong when you suffer for the gospel, but suffering because there is no money to: eat, buy your wears, take care of your body/health, do the works of ministry or get the basic things of life – is totally unacceptable to us, and we cannot covet it.

Without money, you will be forced to accept whatever people drop on the table for you, and then, you will be making statement like ‘I have no choice’. For God’s sake, you got a choice – in fact, choices.

As a man or woman, you are responsible for giving your family, especially children, a befitting standard of living, without apology, but you cannot do that if you were poor.

Many families struggle with a variety of financial issues that range from whether to pay allowances to their children to whether they should charge their grown children to live at home.

Just as there is no single personality that fits all children, there also is no single financial answer that fits all situations. One child may hoard and save money to the point of stinginess; another may spend every dime on frivolities. Sounds like a lot of adults, huh? That’s because kids turn into adults—for better or for worse.

God’s Word tells us that if we train our children in the ways of the Lord they will not soon depart from it. And the results of God’s way are peace, happiness, and successful marriages.

The Word promises that if we don’t train them they’ll end up in debt, depressed, and divorced.

It’s really our choice. Let’s help our families succeed.[1]

How to avoid being poor as a Christian

Whether to be poor or rich depends on the choices of the individuals. Some people take pleasure in their predicament: they like people to be giving them money to eat: they desire not to work, and at the same, desire to enjoy the fullest of life.

Sometimes, some people will say that ‘they receive a call into ministry’ and the next thing they do – is to resign from their employment.

Please, if God does not clearly tell you to leave your employment – you are not to leave. The works of the ministry is so tedious that you need money to do a slightest thing. You cannot afford to be poor.

Somebody was giving an illustration on the people that leave their employment and said, “If you leave your employment because you’re called into the ministry, you’re going to suffer. Except you come into it with a large money but when your ministry is still striving, you don’t go out of employment – unless God tells you to”.

The solution is to find a job to do. If due to the tediousness of your ministry – you cannot cope with your employment, you can leave it to start your own business. In fact, as a minister – the best form of work you can do is to be self-employed, which gives you the privilege to call the shot (when necessary). It gives you the choices of how you want to use your time.

The provost of LIFE Theological SeminaryIkoroduLagosDr. C. C. Orgu once said, “It’s not righteousness to be poor and it’s not godliness to be rich. If you have the money use it” (quotations inferred).

We, therefore, advice you not to be poor. Hence, you should do something about it, but you must accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour to have defined relationship with God. By that, you will be able to know God’s plans for your life.

Please, say this prayer:

Thank you God because your grace has found me right now. I confess that I am a sinner and that I could not save myself. I accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour: grant me the grace to be yours – all my entire life. In Jesus name I prayed, amen.

Congratulations, please:

  1. Get a copy of the Bible and read it daily.
  2. Pray to God every day.
  3. Join a church for your spiritual growth, be a worker in that church.
  4. Speak to your friends, colleagues, and everyone you are privileged to meet about Christ (the message of God’s love).
  5. Live your life by the standard of the word of God.


[1] Burkett, Larry: Money Matters : Answers to Your Financial Questions.

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