It’s important to know your place in every one’s life

Whoever you are (in status, profession, social class, educational qualification, rich or poor) there is always a limit to how you should move into people’s privacy.

This will ensure that you do not have your fingers burnt, as reported, recently, between Linda Ikeji, Nigeria’s topmost blogger and Wizkid, one of Nigeria’s hip-hop singers.

The trouble between Linda and Wizkid started after Linda had posted a story that Wizkid had been served quit notice for his home in Lekki contrary to the impression Wizkid gave everyone, he was just a tenant. An angry Wizkid had descended on Linda on social media, threatening to send his 16 year-old cousin to beat her up. This had culminated in Linda reporting the case to the police.

There are people, (especially religion leaders) who do not have the decency of staying away from people’s privacy, all because they are in positional leadership or because they are respected by the people they check upon. In the long run, an allegation is either going to break out or such leaders be involved with those people.[1]

[1] RUMMY, CHUKWUMA and SYLVESTER, Wizkid, Linda Ikeji war: Why police stepped in, 23rd April 2016.

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