Why you should not measure success with other man’s standard

Success is defined by the WordWeb Dictionary as, “An event that accomplishes its intended purpose”.

It should be interesting for you to know that success is synonymous with pronouns like: achiever, winner, victor and succeeder. What a beautiful thing to be.

You can just get up and call yourself any of those things, no one will crucify you because that is what you have chosen to bear.

Such is when individuals are defining success. Success in someone’s language (as in thoughts) is different from success in another person’s language. People call their success the name they want to call it, that does not make it right for you.

“Now godliness with contentment is great gain”. 1 Tim 6:6.

How you should define, measure success

First, you need to outline your vision, after which you will check out your values (these should tilt toward your vision though), and then consider your priority in life.

You will be able to measure your success track records, if they amounted to what they should amount to – you may have just been a success.

The truth is that, there is no person (on this earth) who is totally successful. Everyone works toward being successful, daily, due to the fact that ‘as long as one is alive, there will always be aspirations in the heart’.

Your priority for success might be in the area of soul winning, parenting, teaching, counseling, pastoring, ministry, family life and so on.

According to John Macarthur, in his work, ‘Successful Christian Parenting

Raising Your Child with Care, Compassion and Common Sense’, success is determined by what one does.

If we measure our success as parents solely by what our children become, there is no inviolable guarantee in Scripture that we will experience absolute success on those terms. Sometimes children raised in fine Christian families grow up to abandon the faith. On the other hand, the Lord graciously redeems many children whose parents are utter failures. The outcome of the child, as a factor taken by itself, is no reliable gauge of the parents’ success.

However, the true measure of success for Christian parents is the parents’ own character. To the degree that we have followed God’s design for parenting, we have succeeded as parents before God.[1]

The same applies to other aspects of life. Your success should be seen in the light of what you are doing, and not according to what another person has become or is doing.

Some relevant information you need to have

You should know, decisively, that privileges and/or opportunities disposed to everyone differ.

All of us are not born with the same background, we did not grow up in the same environment, we do not study the same discipline and we are not in the same employment.

As such, our world view will be different, our perception will not be the same and our dispositions will not be totally correlative.

Hence, you should hold your life together, see yourself as success and where you think you missed it – make the necessary steps to change the situation.

There is always a second chance (if one is alive): that second chance is always now, when you have the opportunity.

[1] MacArthur, John: Successful Christian Parenting: Raising Your Child With Care, Compassion, and Common Sense.

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