‘What if’ will get you nowhere in life

When you are faced with making decisions that are crucial to your progress, decisions that could make you leave the situations that you do not  like – by which you can step on people’s toes and still get away.

You may want to reconsider your decisions by asking yourself, ‘what if I am wrong on this move?’, ‘what if people do not support me?’, ‘what if nobody believes me?’, ‘what ifs…’

This gets you holdup on a spot in life. Although, you cannot do without people’s opinions – you need them to measure your progress in life. At the same time, you are the only one who holds the key to your destiny’s fulfillment.

Kenneth Copeland, when he travelled into Africa for ministration made a statement that aligns with the sayings of ‘what if’, and later berated such sayings:

When I was in Africa, the Lord told me that He is holding the body of Christ in every nation responsible for winning their own lost. It takes money to finance a revival. How can they believe for any prosperity in Africa or India, where drought and famine have become a way of life? That is a major part of my calling.[1]

The choice of is all yours: no one needs your permission

If you notice the quote above, you will see an underlined statement, with the following statement berating excuses on decision making: the last part of the whole statement gave reason why you cannot afford to stay on ‘what if?’ before making decisions for your life.

Like we said (above), you need people’s opinions to measure your decisions but you do not need their permissions to make the decisions that affect your life positively, when their opinions are against your focus.

In this case, after considering people’s opinions (carefully), you will have to sieve the ones that are meaningful to ‘your decisions at hand’ – then do it: make that bold steps towards your life. That is the only time that you will not regret your life, knowing that it is your decision that gets you there.

Considering opinions does not require you to go for all

You are the only one that are seeing the vision before you, and until you realise them nobody will believe in you.

We cannot overemphasise the fact that you need people’s opinions to help shape your decisions but you cannot utilise all the opinions that you are getting.

A guest on #Horizon with #DarmmieWords (a weekly youth show hosted by Damilola Awonuga on Amen Radio), Emmanuel Edward said, “people are too busy to notice what you are doing, and unless you are successful nobody cares to notice you”.

Does this give you enough reason to take your decisions into your hands and forget the ‘what if’ as you advance in life?

Many time, when people advice – it is always against the vision that you have before you. At the time when our organisation started out with Leadership Ethics ConferenceLEC, somebody counseled that we should put a hold on it for now because we are still young.

Whereas, a couple advised us on the certificate that we issue to those who take the tests in the conference. ‘Why not change the Certificate of Integrity to Certificate of Recommendation?”, they said. We effected the change after that and we got positive responses.

You cannot be too careful when you are determined to make it in life: be decisive, follow your passion, go against opinions that set you apart from your visions (that are positive) and see, for yourself, if there will not be a turnaround in your standard of life.

[1] Kenneth, Copeland, PROSPERITY: THE CHOICE IS YOURS, Pg2.

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