Buying gifts for your lady widens your knowledge

This time, it is about ladies ‘in perspective’. We shall be talking about the benefits a man stands to gain when he buys things for his lady.

First of all, we should clarify that whether you are in a relationship or married – you can, only, have one lady. Except that you are not responsible, born again and sensible.

This is because the Holy Scripture records, “And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?”. Mat 19:4-5.

If you were having two ladies, as a man, can you ‘three’ be one? (even though we have God in three persons). The Bible is clear cut, ‘two shall be one flesh’. The Bible is the measuring standard for our lives, while any other things like customs, education, science and technology, including laws – are just secondary.

The arts of buying gifts for her widen your horizon

Like the #Horizon with #DarmmieWords, which is in the art of increasing the knowledge, understanding and practicality of her listeners – buying gifts for your lady does the same for you.

Do you still understand or not?

According to our Editor-In-Chief, Oladipo Emmanuel, while narrating his experience – of the time he bought gifts, ‘it was an eye opener’.

“When I got to the place I intended to buy her gifts, I requested for what I needed but didn’t know the proper names of most of the items – it was the seller who called the correct names for me.”[1]

He said that, once he learnt the proper names for those things, he decided to just check on other places that sell the things he needed, and by that, he was able to buy quality things for her – even though at higher rates.

What does this got to do with your knowledge, its implication for your relationship?

Especially for married couples, it lets the men know their wives (the more). Knowing in the sense of getting close to her; giving her the love she deserves: in short, it strengthens your union and closes the gap for infidelity to occur.

You know that you do not have another choice, really, than to love your wife? According to Sproul, R. C. while quoting Robert Charles, “If the woman seems to have a difficult task in submitting to her husband, how much more difficult is the responsibility given the man. Not only is the man commanded to love his wife (which in earthly terms may be quite easy), but he is commanded to love her as Christ loved the Church”.[2]

Why not do all there is to make her and yourself happy, including buying her gifts (not only on her birthday or special occasions), you should buy her gifts at will and see the difference between the present and the past. Between you both.

By the time you are able to build closeness, you will also be able to build your trust (the more). The truth is that many couples have trust issues, while some partners had (also) taken the trust of their partners for granted! However, it worths giving a shot.

By the time you are able to build your trust, your love for each other will crystalise and you will be able to figure things out, easily and together.

Therefore, from henceforth, make it a priority to buy gifts for your woman (at will).

God bless your union, in Jesus name, amen…

[1] This was a narration of our Editor-In-Chief’s experience.

[2] Sproul, R.C. (Robert Charles): The Intimate Marriage : A Practical Guide to Building a Great Marriage.

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