The mocking of Godly counsel by Nigerian youths

With the increasing number of divorce in Christian marriages, the high rate of child molestation, the unbridle evil of child trafficking, the pain of kidnapping, the open mindedness of people to do evil – calling Nigerian youths to order may not be out of point for the respected Pastor E. A. Adeboye.

What is expected of a man of God (in Adeboye’s) standard, being a national and international influence, is to correct sources of problems (in the nations of the world). Aside from being aged, he is at the position where God can easily speak to him for every nation.

So, it happened that Pastor Adeboye was mocked (in fact, attacked) for performing his responsibilities – of protecting the future of Nigeria.

It was reported, recently, that he counselled the youths on whom to marry in order to avoid the repetition of evil that is encroaching marriages (presently).

“… those that I advised before and ignored my advice come to me now: they will say, ‘you warned us’.

“I’m warning you now. Don’t marry a girl who cannot cook”, Adeboye said.

The causes of problems in marriages

Whether a Christian home or a family belonging to anyone of another religion, what the Pastor mentioned for youths to avoid are things that are wrecking marriages, today.

For any Christians’ homes – prayer is the sustaining strength (against the whiles of the enemies), which if defaulted, a home will be subjected to the manipulations of the devil.

Cooking is another aspect of a family’s strength. A woman can either bring her husband home or push him outside (with cooking): laziness, of course, will make a home to be dirty and the marriage – of tolerance rather than that of intimacy.

Men have their duties: women have their duties (that is why Adeboye advised women not to marry men that have no jobs too). Any man who marries a lazy woman will not (really) have complete commitments to the lady, except that the two of them are ‘birds of the same feathers which flock together’.

And the attack came

Immediately the counsel went out from the man of God, opposing views came out in numbers. Several Nigerian artists (who majorly show ‘love in the movies’ without meaningful real love affairs) aired their views.

Nigerian youths, both males and females, quickly supported the views from the showbiz arena (where everything is of augmented realities) – forgetting that what they watch in the movies are not things applicable to individual of them.

An adage in Yoruba says, “We look upon the appearance of whoever will give one a cloth”.

Wisdom is the only thing needed to choose from the Pastor’s and the oppositions’ views.

In showbiz, twirking is preferred above moralness; sexuality is projected as the order of the day; promiscuity is embellished as the ‘in-thing’; impacts of divorce is less publicised and divorce is given prominence; waywardness is preached above social responsibility; and Satanism is being promoted above the knowledge of God – among other things.

Yet, Nigerian youths find comfort to pitch their tents with the opposing views of individuals from showbiz. Which views really has the youths’ interests at heart?

The one that wants to see improvement, security, and stability in marriages or the one that talks to remain relevant so that he/she can sell products to the youths – at the expense of their lives?

That is where the wisdom lies.

In conclusion

When God speaks, He forces no one to comply because there is (always) the right of any man to choose what he wants.

Those who are Christians today are not Christians because God forced them. They became Christians because they received grace and, also, decided to accept that grace that God provided.

The Bible instilled in us that ‘wisdom is profitable to direct’. Ecclesiastes 10:10.

After all, the Adeboye will not live with any youths who marry in ‘correlation to’ or ‘other of’ his counsel. The only issue is that those who create problems in their marriages are creating problems for the nation, and the entire world.

In clear words, it is always good to be a source of peace to the society (at large) and to ameliorate suffering from the masses: anyone that wants to do good for the society must get his or her marriage right.

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