Woman who cares about this is right to marry

Marriage is enjoyed by a man and a woman – formed at the point of being attracted to each other.

As a relationship is formed and develops, the concern of settling down (in marriage with each other) starts to roll in.

We recognise relationship as a vital tool of forming strong marriage union, because the partners are afforded the opportunities to learn about each other, teach other and form some bonds that are needed to go through life.

Billy Joe Daugherty has the following to say about family:

Many families are only held together by the mutual love of two people. When one or both of them begin to waver, they are in trouble, but when they bring God on the scene, it adds power to the situation… Praying for your family members will cause you to love them even more… sometimes people find fault with each other, but when you pray, there is a wall of defense built around the family.[1]

The settling of a family

Primarily, it is the father who bears the responsibility of his family (except in some cultures that live otherwise). As such, it is the responsibility of any woman to ensure that her would-be husband get things right – at the initial stage.

However, when a family is formed – the woman and the man have responsibilities to take care of the family, not only that, the man must not fully rely on the woman before provisions are made.

The only time that the woman could come in, which must be without pressure or pleading from the man, is when there is little money (that cannot provide for the family) with the man or when both the man and woman need to embark on a joint project.

How do you, as a man, now marry the right woman and how will the woman (also) help the man to make right choices? Let us follow the thoughts below, closely.

Who to choose?

As a woman, you must not allow your man to settle for things that promise no future. A job or employment might be small: in that, you should be able to see if that job promises a future for the two of you.

This means that young women must be visionaries – in regards to the life of the men they want to marry.

For a woman who wants her fiancé to be successful, she will always remind him of the need to prevent mistake(s) from entering their relationship so that they can have a strong union or family; the woman will, always, encourage the man that he can do positive things that he is set to do; she will let her man know that she truly values, respects and loves him (even though they are yet to marry); and she will be able to show off the man, and as well, defend him – when situation calls for it.

If you, as a man, are not seeing any of these things (listed in the immediate paragraphs above), then you must know that you have not found the right person.

Aside from the list, the woman must be born again – this is the primary requirement for any young man that wants to marry any young woman.

To avoid being deceived, ensure that your relationship/fellowship with God is right too. This will help you to note some things that the Holy Spirit will be communicating to you, regarding the relationship and the marriage decisions that you want to make.

By the next edition, we are going to talk about the man too.

So, ladies, put your fingers across to us and be expectant. Beyond the usual, it will be a bombardment of issues: men’s lives appear simple but are made more complex than women’s and by women, themselves.

See you later…

[1] Billy, Joe. D, Seven Keys to Family Power, Pg5.

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