Editor’s Note: Issue 10 of Hierarchy Magazine

Hey buddies, we are here (again) for the latest edition of our online publication: I want to believe that you are doing well, irrespective of the current economic situation in the country.

In that view, bear in mind that this situation will not continue forever – it will change. The government either changes (at the right time) or the situation changes (with positive improvement). Hence, you should hold on to your dream and never give up.

I am sure that you are familiar with this saying, ‘tough people last, but tough situations don’t last’. That is what will be the result when you do not give up.

Permit me to strengthen you with this shocker, according to the holy writ, “If you faint in the time of adversity – your strength is small”. Nigeria is, currently, in the time of adversity and while many people faint, you should not faint.

Alright, we have had enough distractions since we parted in August (last year). Numerous distractions all over the world: the sit-tight syndrome of African political system almost caused trouble within the ECOWAS via the Gambian political impasse; the drama surrounding the ascension of American President, Donald Trump, into the White House oval office (with Obama administration accusing Russia of manipulating results from the back door); numerous troubles in the Middle East; increased terrorism activities all over the world; and the Nigerian laughable political occurrences, among others.

In spite of all these, we are here: I think we should give thanks to God for preserving us.

What do we have for you, this edition? We have ensured to produce relevant contents that will strengthen you through this edition until the next one. Here we have the following contents for you:

Editorial: Nigerians, wishing President Buhari death is sarcasticCultural diversity in Nigeria should reflect Christ, Samaritans’ relationshipTerrible effects of backbiting in church gatheringsChristians should live by faith not fateInfidelity can never break my marriage —Foluke Daramola SalakoWhen diligent pays in life time for yearsFunke Akindele: dealing with evil prophecies by faithDon’t judge men, consider your situationBuilding motivation for self actualisation is goodYou don’t need people’s permission to liveHere are precautions to take when cooking with gas6 underwear rules every woman should live byIn need of apartment: Don’t be scammedJoblessness, getting sacked got me thinking – Doyin Opebi, CEO, Waara NGDon’t allow pressure push you into marriageChildren need socialisation for orderly growthLearning to live with patience can solve relationship problemsSAS sniper eliminates three ISIS terrorists in single shotConflicts since proposed two-state Israeli-Palestine solutionCommending Nigerian armed forces gallantry against terrorismand Press Release: (NYSC) Horizon with Darmmie Words on hold.

It is my pleasure to inform you that we are expanding our operations. At the last edition, I informed you of some great happenings in our organisation, and now we have the following outlets (by which you can get better services from us) online: OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPTTRAININGS; and HIERARCHY MAGAZINE.

We are here to give you best media services (ever) and do not forget that we, also, give 7% commission on actual services of clients you refer to us.

Until we meet, again, in the next issue in May 2017, please, take good care of yourself and read our contents, follow our updates on all social media, follow or like our accounts where necessary and we will do the same for you.

God bless.

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