Editorial: Nigerians, wishing President Buhari death is sarcastic

Writing how the current APC-led Federal Government came into power (again) will only amount to repetition because the story is over flogged: it can only be good for history, in order to project into the future.

Also, majority of the Nigerian citizens are aware of the high level of corruption that plummeted the favour of Nigerians for the past administration: it was on the hoarse of past corrupt government that the present administration came into power.

During the past administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, figures (of stolen or misappropriated funds) were quoted incessantly, and there were no serious prosecutions against indicted government officials or representatives.

Against this background and more, the All Progressive Congress (APC) campaigned on the following points to wrestle power from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP):

  • Fight against corruption.
  • Insecurity.
  • Revamping the economy (diversification).
  • Employment creation, especially, for the youths.

Looking at the current Federal Government, from the cardinal points, it can be said that the Buhari Administration is on course.

It is just that Nigerians need to be patient with him. After all, the problems we are seeing in the country now did not start during his reign – they have been there all long. In fact, it is widely held that the problems are as a result of 16 years mismanagement of the country by the PDP representatives.

Howbeit, the present administration should, also, stop blaming the past administrations but must endeavour to take the bull by the horn. The government must fight corruption with full force but in accordance with the rule of law; protects all citizens in the country against internal or external aggression (as no ethnic is better or superior to another, to prevent the perceived ethnic cleansing in Northern Kaduna from spreading across the country in the guise of self defense); and policies that will promote local productions, as well as, businesses should be formulated without delay.

It is saddened to note that some Nigerians are wishing President Buhari death, despite his gallantry in the ongoing war against insecurity, corruption and unemployment.

That people are clamouring for good governance is good, but how could a government right the wrongs of 16 years under 2 years (completely), more so, when corruptions is (vigorously) fighting back with its last breath?

It is even against God’s counsel according to the Holy Bible, which states that those appointed into leadership positions are representatives of God’s judgment against the ungodly: it also encourages us to pray for our leaders and obey them. Yet, many so called Christians have broken this guidance (of God’s word) just because the President is a Muslim.

It should be noted that if Nigeria was good today, many will be glad it did: should we not, then, support this present administration to fulfill its campaign promises (within the space of four years, as stipulated by the constitution) instead of wishing him death?

Therefore, every well meaning Nigerian must embrace the habit of good will towards government representatives, irrespective of party affiliations or religion differences – for Nigeria to become fully established, and overcome her challenges.

God bless Nigeria.

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