Building motivation for self actualisation is good

Everyday, things take a new dimension: the word that can best describe the situation of many people is uncertainty.

The number of people who have things going smooth for them is streamlined to a few as a result of global economic meltdown; increased terrorism; global warming (it is a wonder how it affects the world economy, but it should be noted that many businesses rely on favourble weather, especially, those ones that utilise water, sun, wind or are into farming); untamed corruption; and war, among others.

Majority of world population are grappling with their standard of living, but another wonder is how God has been supplying the needs of His children. Actually, it is not so much a surprise for those who are God’s children: it could be, and more so, a thing of confusion for those who do not have a mind for the things of God.

Problems in the world can only increase but one must motivate him/herself into actualising goals

A dead-man-walking will be the only person without goals. Goals are borne out of purpose discovery; desire to be somebody in life; poverty or an experience.

The pursuit of goals is meant to achieve certain things that will, at the end, make life meaningful or worth living for the person who achieve them.

However, discouragement always greets every goal getter and, only, those who lack motivation are (usually) deterred from achieving the goals they set out to achieve. In other words, nobody becomes an achiever without challenges that are capable of forcing him/her to stop pursuing the set goals but motivations will keep a person strong in the face of challenges until his/her goals are achieved.

Several times, world leaders: industry experts have narrated that getting more money (in what one does) should not be used as a motivation because that will only make one to crave in and lose the vision for the goals that one is pursuing, when overwhelming challenges come. In this vein, therefore, passion has been set as the most necessary element in self motivation.

However, there are other things you can do to also motivate yourself, aside passion:

1.  Treat yourself as you want to be treated when your goals are achieved.

2.  Find yourself in company of those who motivate you to be better.

3.  Neglect the company of people whose goals are at logger heads with yours.

4.  Have someone (trustworthy) whom you can relate your goals with. The best person will, always, be your fiancé or fiancée (if you were in a relationship or courtship) or your partner (if you were married), but you can also find friend in just anyone that has earned your trusts.

5.  Let your motivation be how you will make lives of people better when you achieve your goals.

6.  Let God be the primary source of your motivation through His words, in prayers (where you commune with Him), and with distinct instructions of the Holy Spirit.

Proper outlook on motivation

The truth is that as you advance in age or move from a stage in life into another, there is the need to re-evaluate your motivation.

There is a point you will get to where all that matters must be God: He will not leave you comfortless. Remember that Solomon received many things that he did not ask for when he prayed that God should give him wisdom to rule his people, 2 Chronicles 1:10. You must, however, know that there is no specific age in which your goals must be set on God.

God is the prima of life: He knows what you can do and how He would make those goals achievable for you. The secrets to your success in life rest with Him; if you could learn to entrust your ambitions into His hands – we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Let us see what Billy Joe have to say:

When you reevaluate something, you place new value on different things. Although you previously may have considered something certain things of value, your priorities change… What are your goals? Will you one day look back and call everything you are living for trash? Why waste your time on empty dreams? If Jesus Christ is not the goal of your living, then what is your goal? Will you be fulfilled if you achieve it? Today is a day to re-evaluate goals.[1]

More so, you need to avoid being double minded. A doubled minded person is like a reed that is tossed to and fro by wind of uncertainty, and such person will never receive a thing from God.

What we are saying is that once you make God the prima of your goals, you must not start to look up to anyone, some where, as the person who will help your destiny.

Absolute trust in God, definitely, produces absolute result – which will be the actualisation of your goals.

However, God will still use people to uplift you or provide your needs but you must not be thinking of any specific persons as the solutions for your life: let God guide your actions and decisions.

[1] Billy, Joe Daugherty, The Goal, Pg5.

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