Don’t judge men, consider your situation

A popular saying goes thus, ‘fingers are not equal’. Yet, many people are looking for equation where it does not exist.

The book of Ecclesiastes said that the race was not to the swift, riches not for the people of understanding or favour to men of skills: rather, time and chance happen to them. Ecclesiastes 9:11.

In other words, people have different experiences at different levels of life. While some are poor, others are rich.

Some can afford the luxury of technological advancement: some others can not. A great number of people had travelled to several locations in the world, but some people (all their years on earth) have remained in their localities with a kind of blurred world view – even with the ‘global village’ anthem that fills this century.

Making a disparity then becomes a necessity

Many so called Christians are quick to judge others (Christians and unbelievers) based on their (own) perceived non-commission of certain sins (in their areas of strength).

Some people even delight to label anyone – rich, as ‘a man or woman with unclean wealth’, just because they do not know the source of the income.

As a matter of fact, in the view of certain believers, because someone does not have the same mentality with some other people (who have myopic vision, blurred world view and deformed sense of reasoning); such persons might not belong to the class of the ‘children of God’.

There was a time that whoever uses the latest vehicle, phone, exquisite house and jewelries – is labeled a sinner.

Here, right now, something got to be clarified. Everyone must understand that judgment and correction are two different things.

Imagine how some people will react the moment  Saint Janet enters their church for a Sunday worship service. Right there, she might be directed to follow some doctrinal principles: sit at a designated section (for sinners); made not to sit where the Pastor could see her (the ushers would smuggle her into a crowded section, even though there are empty chairs to be filled at the front; and all eyes will be on her (not, mostly, caring ones but of condemnation for all that they had known about her).

The problem with many is simple

Instead of correcting in love many resort to passing judgment: they forgot that God did not pass judgment on them when they were still in the flesh, “And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us. For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly”, Rom 5:6-7KJV.

Many people correct not in love, and the understanding of the majority is darkened by doctrinal values (carved out of cultural principles).

To this, Kenneth Hagin (Jr.) said, “They are not missing it in knowing what the Word of God says. They are not missing it in believing the Word. They are missing it by not knowing how to walk in love”.[1]

Another prominent issue is the lack of scriptural understanding. Whether a man is rich or poor does not affect the state of his relationship with God, but people have religiously (in times past) attached wealth and luxury to ungodliness, and the works of evil – to the point that using the latest devices, possessing basic amenities to cover needs, using exotic wears, appearing classic, and enjoying the good things that life got to offer now become ungodly.

Whereas, God himself said, “And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by name, am the God of Israel”, Isaiah 45:3KJV.

The major focus is here

Everyone needs to know that there is a difference between experiences of ‘Mr. A’ and ‘Mr. B’; there are differences of privileges, provisions, and lack; exposure, sense of reasoning and worldviews are also different; and individuals’ tastes are never the same.

Yet, this is not a privilege to sinning. Rather, it is a call to note that some things must be considered before concluding that another person is not a child of God or will never make heaven.

The matters of the Kingdom are not what we dissect and conclude with the hearts and knowledge of men: they belong to God – in this sense, we cannot overrate ourselves as better than others, even, among the unbelievers.

What should matter most to us is how our fellowship with God will not be broken and that calls for being circumspect in all that we do.

We also have the need not to cast aspersion on unbelievers or someone that is weak (in the church). We should, rather, not share in their revelries and keep praying for them to encounter God.

Where possible, corrections borne out of love can be given to them (absent of domination or prejudices), because we are not the ones who will produce the changes we desire in people – the Holy Spirit will.

It is our sincere prayer that God will guide us, all, into all (His) truths, in Jesus name.


[1] Kenneth, Hagin Jr., Faith Worketh by Love, Pg3.

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