Don’t allow pressure push you into marriage

Rev’d Isaac T. Boluwatise, Presiding Pastor and Founder, The Light Tower Church, usually reiterate the fact that no one should succumb to the pressure of the time.

One thing that everyone should note, however, is that ‘the pressure of time’ differs for all persons. This is because, we are not, all, operating at the same level of awareness, opportunities, assimilations, and pursuits in life.

In fact, we all have differing backgrounds that affect our lives, present and future. As a result of these, the pressure of time, for every one differs.

Howbeit, for the purpose of this article, we are narrowing down to marriage in our discussion. Marriage is a vital aspect of every guy or lady: both responsible and the irresponsible people go into it and contribute their individuals’ quota to the institution.

Furthermore, we are using this article to communicate to individuals, as many that care to listen, who are yet to hookup (in marriage vows) – to avoid being pressured into marriage.

Why are we saying not to be pressured into marriage?

You should know that family members are not the only people who can pressure a person into marriage: a person’s desires or inability to stem the tide of pride could pressure him or her into marriage.

If at the point to be serious with life – a person is lackadaisical, there could a backlash of wanton lack of provisions, continued lack of seriousness, age effect and inability to accept or advance proposal.

Although, some times, family members might want to pressure a person (especially the girl child) into marriage when she hangs out with a guy perceived to be wealthy – when the girl is just feeling like being around the guy as a friend: in fact, the guy might not also be interested in having serious relationship with a particular lady and could be interested in just being friends – yet, family members will be singing marriage into his hearing.

Sometimes, it would be that the lady does not want to associate with her parents’ nagging attitudes on issues or the quarrels that ensue between herself and her siblings – thereby, opting for marriage.

However, it is never a good thing to be pressured into marriage – no matter which angle it is coming from. Everyone knows what he or she looks out for; every one got a taste or desire; and everyone has some goals to achieve (mostly) before marriage.

These are why being pressured into marriage does not augur well for anyone.

What to do to avoid being pressured into marriage

It is always good to consistently check one’s drive in life. At any stage that one comes to his/her senses, there must be reasons to look into what one desires to be in life and how one will become that entity.

Here, there is the need to commit one’s life into the hands of God: everything that one will become. Hence the Bible says, “Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass”, Psalm 37:5KJV.

More so, always remember that your marriage is inclusive of the strategy that you need to use to become what God wants you to be: it is one of the contributors to the fulfillment of your full potentials.

Also, you need to take the bull by the horns. Stop playing with your life when you should be serious: at the time of study or work, do the needful and when you should have a relationship do not play with the opposite sexes’ emotions. The time to have a relationship is not the time to jump from one opposite sex to another: in fact, such should not be found in your records, because, it limits your potentials.

May God guide you into all truth.

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