I never utilised my opportunity in NIJ – Ex-Miss NIJ, Peace Nwajiobi

Peace Nwajiobi might not yet be a widely known name in the Nigerian Media and Cosmetology Industries, but she is surely creating enviable strides for herself.

A young lady with various academic feathers being added to her cap, she is still pulling some strings (academically), and at the same time – focusing on her business and personal life.

In this interview with our Editor-In-Chief, Emmanuel Oladipo, she spoke about her relationship with God, the kind of man she desires, her experience as a former Miss NIJ and other sundry issues.

  • Excerpt. 

How is life outside NIJ where you did Mass Com at ND level?

Life has been Good! Shortly after, I studied Cosmetology and had Professional Diploma in Yabatech and I’m also currently in 300 level at National open University, Nigeria.

What course are you running at National Open University?

Mass communication.

How will you describe the process of education you’re passing through now?

Well, NIJ was a solid Foundation for me and every other school just complements it.

Aside from your ongoing study at NOUN what else do you do?

Yes, like I said earlier I studied Cosmetology at Yabatech and also gained experience in different 2 to 3 cosmetology schools, so manufacturing cosmetics such as cream, soap, cleanser, oils etc has been my everyday business.

How do you manage your time between study, work and personal life?

Easy! I wanted a school that will allow me do my own thing that was why I opted for NOUN. I read my handout anytime of the day and attend to my business anytime, and for my personal life my business and schooling is all I’ve got going.

You’re once Miss NIJ. What do you miss most about that now when you look back at that time?

what I miss might be weird but it’s funny. The gossips and the attention, although I never utilized the opportunity I was given then, I wish that time was now.

Perhaps you’re given another opportunity what will you like to


It could have been a drive for my business, and engage the VIP I have met to empower the Help a Child Foundation I have always wanted.

What is your connection with the Help a Child Foundation?

Help a child Foundation is a personal thing I do once a year due to my little finances to help 2 to 3 children go to school. So if I was Miss NIJ I would have engaged several companies and NGOs.

Let’s go back to your business now. How is the turn out so far?

Very good! Everyone uses cosmetics everyday: people want a flawless skin and as long as the business involves people we will always make daily sales.

How do you deal with orders beyond Lagos?

We take a lot of deliveries outside Lagos with the help of courier services and sometimes we go to the park for delivery if the customer can’t afford courier charges.

What challenges is your business facing to which government needs to respond to for the benefits of all entrepreneurs?

Cosmetic products have become too expensive due to the high exchange rate – importing most of the materials we use. But if the government can create an avenue where this products can be made in Nigeria, cosmetics and other products will be way cheaper and affordable.

In spite of the seeming challenges do you see growth possibilities in your line of business?

Of course, like I said no matter what the country is going through people still want to look like a million dollar. That’s the service we offer.

Where do you see the business in the next five years?

This business has been in existence over 100,000 years ago and to me I don’t see it as a next 5 years thing. Cosmetics is our everyday life, it’s here to stay… just keep moving with the pace.

Let’s look briefly into your knowledge of God. Who is God to you?

Oh wow, my daddy Yo! God is the creator of everything. The Creator has revealed Himself in both science and history, and the two subjects are intertwined. God made everything and He sustains everything. God is God that is who He is.

How will you describe your relationship with Him?

When I was young I had no choice but to worship him, I knew I enjoyed taking children classes and teaching them how to sing and dance during children’s day and all but at that time in my life I never knew the God I was serving… I was too comfortable, I saw him as a rigid God; I saw him as a dictator…

There was a point in my life when I would advise people to stop wasting there precious time serving someone that doesn’t exist, never attended any church for 3 years until I was arrested by the Holy Spirit, using a friend of mine She said ‘do you know how great and might the Holy Spirit is? Do u know that every time the Holy Spirit appears to anyone he says fear Not I hail thee’ I was like ok!… That’s how mighty or huge the Holy Spirit is, and his telling you not to be afraid and at the same time Hailing you!

I shed tears because I never understood the power I had as a child of God, imagine me sending holy spirit around to fight my battles I am more than I think I am!

Ever since then, my relationship with Him has been unshakable.

In what capacity do you serve God now?

I put Him first in everything I do… it reminds me of His love for me.

Recently, a publicity came out with your pix on it. Will you like to shed more light on that?

Yes it was a drama we had in my church, Household of David Church, Toyin Ikeja Lagos, titled ‘The Blood”. It was all about the reason why Jesus Christ died for us and shed his blood on the cross of Calvary!

The power of the healing, miraculous, signs and wonders: blood was also portrayed in the drama.

Who is Peace Nwajiobi and how do you want people to see you?

Peace Nwajiobi is a God fearing, ambitious, caring, selfless and single lady. Well, my close friends see me as their grandmother because I speak word of wisdom, God has blessed me to be an inspirational person, see me as a rose growing in a rock.

What kind of man do you desire and what puts you off from a man?

Like my pastor will say ‘marry a man from your tribe?’ My tribe is

finding a man that’s in the presence of God, I mean a God fearing

man, ambitious and a caring man!

What puts me off is a man who doesn’t know God, remember I was

stupid at a time not Ignorant… I willingly don’t want to accept Jesus despite growing up in a Christian home.

If I do my best and my best is not enough I would move on because I can’t say I do to a man who doesn’t love the God I serve.

A man who is self centered. A man that doesn’t take care of himself, my man has to look good at all time but doesn’t have to break the bank…

Wow…. It’s been along day, at the same time, wonderful – chatting with you. Any last word for young ladies out there?

Aw… thank you.

To all the young ladies, always be yourself.

Do you: nobody is going to do you like you do you.

The society we are in now calls for too much oppression, pepper dem gang everything, slay queens. Don’t be carried away o, always remember that it’s all vanity upon vanity when we all go to meet the Saviour we will leave everything behind and have everything in heaven forever and ever.

What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.

Seek God first in everything that you do. He will always supply and make provisions for you.

Trust you’ll be glad for us to have you for interview next time?


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