Infidelity can never break my marriage —Foluke Daramola Salako

This is what could be tagged ‘walking by faith and not by sight’, as Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola Salako has openly admonished critics to leave details of her marriage out of the public sphere.

This warning, it was reported, came after someone had seen her husband, Kayode Salako, at an outing with a female friend, and sent a text message to the actress to which Salako later stated that his marriage is not ‘a bondage’, but an understanding union between two mature individuals.

Foluke Daramola, while reacting Salako’s statement stated that, the issue was not about someone sending a text to her of seeing her husband with another lady, it was about people insinuating that whatever he (the husband) does on social media means that she was having problems with her marriage.

“He was just reacting to the fact that our marriage is intact. I want people to mind their business concerning my marriage. It’s over flogged already, everything about me is my marriage, my marriage, marriage! The pressure that Nigerians put on all celebrities and our marriages is not making the relationship healthy, when everything about you is let out to the media, there will be a problem, there will be pressure from all angles, even if they see my husband with a woman, does it mean he has anything to do with that woman? And even if anything should go wrong at the end of the day, if someone tells me about it, what does the person want me to do? Does the person want me to say I’m not interested anymore?” she queried.[1]

Every man or woman must know that life and death are in the power of the tongue: the righteous shall live by faith. The paramount lesson to be taken home, here, is to learn to confess positive things (life) over every wrong situation, negative visions or prophecies, and challenges of life (which are all negative and represent death).

God bless.[1]

[1] Joan Omionawele, Infidelity can never break my marriage —Foluke Daramola Salako.

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