Learning to live with patience can solve relationship problems

Every person (at the verge of entering a relationship), usually, is on the lookout for a match of desires in the would be partner. Paramount among these desires is whether the person will bring happiness into the relationship in order (for the two, especially the lady) to enjoy all that the relationship has to offer.

Surprisingly, most relationships get into the level of familiarity (on time) which leads to reduction of enthusiasm of partners for one another: this, usually, is caused by the fact that when partners have spent about six months to one year and have been relating well (for that period), they relax – knowing full well that they are both in for the relationship. They tend to focus on something else, and somehow, the affections, love and enthusiasm that they had for one another (in the beginning) start to dwindle.

Furthermore, when this happens, silly things start to cause quarrels between the partners. It is either one of them starts to flout the values surrounding their relationship or one gets angry at silly things that the other person does.

Little mistakes usually bring quarrel at this stage.

Getting the initial stage right will help you a lot

The fact is that there is no perfect person or relationship anywhere in the world: the people involved in each relationship will, only, be the ones that will make it work out.

However, getting it right before you start any relationship will help you and your partner – on the long run.

Billy J, Daugherty (who had been widely sourced in most of our articles, this edition) affirmed the reason for a good start in all relationships.

… It amazes me that people will go to a bar looking for a husband or a wife. Then, when the marriage doesn’t work out, they wonder why.

When people have major problems in their life that have not been solved and you hook up with them, you simply multiply your problems.

Some people get into relationships out of the wrong motivation… you should become related with someone of the opposite sex in a friendship relationship first on the basis of your mutual pursuit of Jesus Christ rather than on the basis of a romantic relationship.[1]

Of truth, basing your relationship on Jesus Christ has a lot to do in helping you overcome challenges that will soon hit your relationship.

The art of patience: gotten from God knows where?

Patience is a virtue that one has as a result of good relationship with God. The more you are able to obey God in His word and the more you set God’s will before you and pursue it – the more your life will receive transformation.

Galatians 5:22-23 lists the fruits of the spirit thus, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law”, KJV.

Again, the reason you must base your relationship on Christ, initially, is revealed in the bible passages (above). If the two of you were not born again, it could spell doom on your journey in life but when you are born again – you will be able to grow together in your relationship with God, learn (with patience) to deal with challenges of your relationship in order to nurture it successfully.

Confidently, we affirm that relationship (based on Christ) produces good results for those involved in it: no double dating (it is unchristian). This is one of the many challenges that God will help you to solve.

However, note that a partner can back out (any time) from a relationship whenever he or she so wishes: until you are both married, just know that the relationship have the tendency to break down, but if such happens – you must not break down.

Rather, you must hold yourself together and move forward. After all, a broken courtship is better (far more) than a broken marriage.

May God be with you, in Jesus name, amen.

[1] Billy, Joe Daugherty, Building Quality Relationships. Pg5.

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