Editorial: Ministerial scandals, victims and end results

Over the years, there have been revelations of hidden records which the people originally involved (in preserving them) never wanted to make open.

Records of shady deals by government or organisational representatives, sex scandals, assaults, murders, molestations among others have been unearthed due to a number of reasons: for ministers of the gospel, a lot had seen the light of the day – now ravaging the gospel that Christianity proclaims.

It is true that no one will openly see a trap and walk into it. The real cases of scandals involving pastors, evangelists, prophets, apostles, teachers of the gospel happened because the victims did not know that they were walking into scandals, at the same time, the whole processes (of commitments and revelations) were to serve as warnings for the serving ministers of the gospel – who are still scandal free.

Ministers are ultimately susceptible to scandals: state of the heart only fuels the occurrences

In the case of a young minister who committed suicide in the bid to cover the shame that a scandal was dragging him to, all signs that the end will be dangerous were displayed (before him), yet, he ignored and went straight for what he saw.

In a widely circulated report, a sultry young-lady walked into the office the young minister – informing him that she would like to pay a big sum of tithes into his church but that she could not bring the cash and asked the minister to have her address.

With a mixed feeling, after days of not hearing from the lady, the minister desiring that the money must come to his church and that the lady should be saved went to the address he had: unfortunately, that was the beginning of sexual intimacy that killed him.

What really makes ministers subject of scandals?

They are anointed, always going to places and are widely known. Even, the ones that do not ride the exotic cars, live in the finest estate or wear the latest designers are not spared.

As a matter of fact, scandals trail both male and female ministers: no gender is free.

The freedom that people have around the ministers of the gospel is what can trigger scandalous relationship, but many people are too curious in this regards until they can no longer step back. Although, curiosity is good, because it is the mother of all discoveries – one must, however, know when to put a stop to his/her curious innate.

We have decided not to mention any particular story that people already know: the reason for our decision is revealed later, but ministerial scandal is not the best that should happen (anywhere in the world).

Scandals put the gospel in bad light

While we agree that scandals are part of the strategies of the devil to rubbish the Kingdom of God, the occurrences got to do (largely) with the state of a person’s heart.

Even, in the case of a cooked-up scandal, Christianity is affected in a way because it is the platform through which the gospel is conveyed to the nations. The churches whose pastors have been involved in scandals will be able to tell the effects that such occurrences brought into their organisations.

While some faithful might, vehemently, fend off critics, the effects will last longer than any good deeds will last.

We are not castigating anyone, but ministers should know that there should be a system that will not allow them to be dragged into scandals (in place), at least, within their offices: they should ensure that they do not honour invitation to some people’s private residences, especially, anyone that the Holy Spirit warns them against.

We cannot say that people will stop to have affections for ministers, but we can, however, say that ministers can be scandal free – all their lives.

It should be noted that scandals do not end within the confines of sex alone; it could involve: money mismanagement, assaults, gender disparity and all sorts of funny things.

The attitudes of the church can change a lot of things

It is time for the church, all Christians (the world over) to understood that not all scandals are real.

In fact, those who plot some scandals against ministers of the gospel might have their tentacles in the media, judiciary, executive and the legislative arms of government. As a result, Christians need to know how to watch every development (with keen interest) into a logical conclusion without voicing their stance.

By doing this, the gospel that is proclaimed will not suffer untold hardship from people who try to rubbish the Kingdom of God. This does not mean overlooking the issue making the rounds, but a deliberate attempt made at preserving the sanctity of the office of the person involved in the scandal.

Unless proven by the court of law that the accused is guilty (of the scandal) he/she remains an accused and is free to attend to his/her lawful duties – anywhere in the world.

God, assuredly, will not allow the gate of hell to prevail over his church, and He will (deliberately) reveal hidden things that are done and kept secrete.

While God does His part, Christians should do their parts of not castigating victims of scandalous stories: prayer is what they need.

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