Protecting personality collateral against online stalkers

From the banking industry perspective, collateral is anything that guarantees security – by which loans are easily retrieved from the beneficiaries.

It is something that gives confidence to money lending banks – that they will be able to get both loan and its interests from a business being loaned: hence, it comes in terms of landed properties; security: fixed deposit certificates and other valuables in the bank; and vehicles among others.

It should, therefore, be noted to everyone that ‘personality collateral’ is referring to the security of a person’s reputation, while reputation is defined as, ‘the general estimation that the public has for a person’.

Be concerned about online stalkers more than never before

The Bible says, “for the sons of this age are shrewder and more prudent and wiser in [relation to] their own generation [to their own age and kind] than are the sons of light”. Luke 16:8, Amp.

Christians are guided by: the Word of God and the Holy Spirit; the Men and Women that God had placed as ministers over them; and certain things around (this one got to do with how well Christians had become familiar to various ways by which God speaks). As such, Christians might not be able to explore the world as non-Christians.

The Holy Spirit and conscience will not allow a Christian to delve into and remain in evil, but the children of darkness can go to any length to prove a point.

Have you heard of a story involving a young Christian guy and young woman in which something led to another and the lady informed the young guy, ‘You’re going down?’

Consequently, when you allow stalkers to hold you a bit – you have created an enabling ground for them to thrive.

Enterprises of online stalkers

You should know that stalkers are always trying to get vital information from you. They will start by being friendly – trying all means to make you let down your guards.

In fact, many had fall victim because they do not expect persons of the same gender with them to stalk on them.

Unfortunately, a guy could stalk on guys and a gal could stalk on gals also. The moment you realise that someone, from any where, becomes so friendly – asking about your welfare; family members; where you work, stay and/or study; and sends messages that demand answer (authoritatively) – watch it: you might just being stalked on.

Furthermore, the most targeted people are self employed, consultants or contactors.

However, it should be noted that online stalkers do not follow a particular manner of approach. They have variety of methods, and they continue to introduce ideas for their unlawful enterprises.

Some of the things stalkers do include the following

1.  Become friendly with you.

2.  Always looking out for you to come online.

3.  Doing everything possible to win your trust.

4.  Trying to get your personal contact details.

5.  Trying to get some personal information from you, especially, the ones that got to do with locations, movement schedule, frequent routes, and family.

6.  They demand for exchanges of nude photographs and videos.

How to handle online stalkers

For an unsuspecting individual, everything noted above might not call for any form of concerns.

Notwithstanding, we want to put everyone on his/her toes – to avoid falling victims to them. This is because, the moment you fall victim you will be left with three options: do their bidding, swallow your pride and come out clean to the people that matter most in your life (hardest part for most people) or just succumb to the pressure of shame (the reason some people commit suicide).

Yet, few things that anyone can do to avoid falling prey to stalkers (whether online or in reality {offline}) are as follow:

1.  You could block the stalker online.

2.  You might stop responding to stalkers’ messages.

3.  Avoid looking for avenue to have escapades (especially, for guys).

4.  Avoid looking for connections by all means (not everyone can be on your contact list).

5.  Learn to use your ‘un-friend’ or ‘un-follow’ buttons.


The fact is that no one wants to be seen in bad light, even, those who are evil never wished to be seen in such perspective.

Unfortunately, being carefree will make a person lose his/her credibility rather than making him/her acceptable to everyone.

Also, every right thinking member of society has got some aspirations to pursue: be it ministry, profession, career, public office or fame, but to achieve any of this requires that one pays the price of being circumspect.

As widely believed, ‘fame or beauty might get you to the top but character is what will sustain you up there’. It is simple, you cannot fake it.

There is something that will produce the right character in you

The Bible says whoever is born again is a new creature, that old thing will be gone and new things do occur.

The answer to your desire is found in accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, right now; right there!

Pray to God in your heart, after which you should start to learn from God – through the Holy Spirit.

You will be able to hear God speak to you when you start to study His word, the Holy Bible. So, get a copy of it, today, and start to study it.


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