How to overcome sexual hazards in ministry

On April 17, 2017, a Para-Church organisation, Christian Education Concerns, held her maiden edition of Young Ministers’ Summit – where focus was based on ‘sexual hazards in ministry’.

It was revealed, at the summit, how sex drive (when not controlled) could bring a glorious future of any person to a disgraceful end.

Joe Dallas, when talking about sexual addictions (on a wrong side) noted, “The form “it” takes varies from man to man. For many, it’s a combination of pornography and sexual fantasies. Others find it in a prostitute’s embrace, strip clubs, adulterous or premarital sex, anonymous encounter, phone sex, cyber sex, or chat rooms”.[1]

Unfortunately, many young people did not turn up for the summit: it was a mixed of adults and youths (few in number), but the effect of the summit will be notable in the lives of the participants.

Sexual hazards luck around every minister, gender is not respected

Participants (at the summit) were told to always be on their guards since sexual hazards come in different forms and do not respect the gender of a person.

It was discussed that a person (who is even a minister of the gospel), but is Christian in conduct will, also, face the challenges of sexual hazards.

Unarguably, every sector of world economy is not free from sex scandals, but a Christian got much to do in protecting the image of the Kingdom of God he/she represents.

Speaking at the summit, one of the panelists, a female, (during discussion) noted that she had got hited-on for sex by another male (in the church before) but that she did as if she did not notice anything coming from the man.

According to her, “I began to wonder whether it is what I am thinking about, but it was… so, I just had to distance myself”.

One of the speakers, a male, while recounting his experience (during his undergraduate years, as fellowship leader) noted that there were three categories of people one will, always, meet.

“The first are those who think that you’re coming after them for relationship, second are those who are sincere but do not know whether you want to have relationship, third are those who really want to go down with you,” he said.

More is in the hand of individuals to set boundaries

It was noted by one of the speakers too, how he went for visitation to a lady in his fellowship, but getting to her house – her friend excused them. He said that the lady had planned her schemes, wearing skimpy skirt (that he had never seen in his life before).

In the process of discussion, he realised that the lady was all over him but revealed that instead of sinning with her, he only helped to pack her legs aside.

A male panelist, who had travelled to several places on earth, hinted the participants on how people could set others up for blackmail with the aim of closing deals in favour of the blackmailers.

He told the story of how he and his team members were offered ladies to warm their beds throughout the night. According to him, he (with another person) rejected the offers while some accepted the offers.

The next day, one of the people who accepted the offer was caught in the web of blackmail, as he started demanding that the team consented to what the blackmailers want.

At the end, the general discussions revealed that it would, always, be in favour of anyone to be known for what he/she stands for: everyone should maintain integrity, and let people speak on one’s behalf that one would not join them to do evil.

Furthermore, the conclusion was based on the fact that reputation before everyone and in private matters a lot, and that there was need for everyone to have people who hold him/her accountable – should anything go wrong.

[1] Joe, Dallas, The Game Plan: The Men’s 30-Day Strategy for Attaining Sexual Integrity, Pg10.

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