Why leaders should always bear reckoning at heart

 “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”[1] – is a long (back dated) quote that is so much relevant in this 21st Century due to several cases of abuse of power.

Stories have been told about world leaders who made life unbearable for their citizens, followers: we had, also, heard of those who make life pleasurable for their citizens, followers, staff, family members, etc.

When one looks into the concluding part of many of those leaders, one fact that is glaring is that ‘they followed their hearts’.

Wicked leaders always have blurred thought of how their ends will be. In fact, some did not believe that they will soon die and be replaced by another person.

Unfortunately, the Bible says, “The King’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it withersoever he will,” Prov. 21:1, KJV.

There is always an end

A consciousness that should be too strong in the heart of everyone is the fact that there is always an end to whatever one is doing on earth: death will come, but it will (only) be a transition to the next thing that will befall a man.

For the righteous and the wicked, there is always judgment after death: the outcome of the judgment will determine the next destination of every soul.

Position (even in royal families) should not be taken as the apex of life: there is the ALPHA who determines the portion of all men, He gives mercy to those who come to Him and wipes evil records away for those who (truly) turn a new leaf – by believing in the Lord, Jesus Christ.

To the oppressed, hold on! Your salvation is around the corner.

To the wicked that never wants good things for others, God still loves you. Accept His love (right now) before it is late for you (to do it).

[1] Lord Acton, 19th Century British Politician.

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