There is need to plan your rearing of children

Too many abortions are committed, annually, all over the world as a result of people not planning how they will rear children.

In the course of aborting pregnancies, the lives of many pregnant girls, ladies or women are terminated – along with their foetus: many failed to realise the fact that abortion is murder, because, at least a life (that of the unborn child) is terminated in each abortion.

If not environmentally (as in the case of accident or injury) induced, deliberate abortion should be treated as murder (the world over) to serve as deterrent to people. Imagine if great leaders have been terminated during pregnancy or the people who produced their pregnancies have been terminated during their time – what would we have in the world now?

The stage in which planning is paramount

Every intending couple must be able to disagree to agree on the number of children they will like to have: that is one of the beauties of relationship/courtship.

It is a period of heartfelt discussions, making concrete decisions to make the future better: among the things discussed should be a quality sex life and the rearing of children, including the number of children that the family must have.

It is, always good, that when people are not married – they should not toy with sex. This is because, the end result could be disastrous, especially, for the lady involved.

As said in Sexual Teens, Sexual Media“Early and unprotected sexual activity also puts girls at risk of unintended pregnancy… Teen pregnancy is seen both as a moral and as a health problem… grounded in concern that most teen mothers are not married.”[1]

Once an agreement is made on how many children to have, intervals of child rearing, and how to train the children among others – the intending couples still have tasks before them to ensure that the agreements once made are adhered to.

More works to be done in marriage

Truly, nothing concern anyone regarding how often a couple engages in sexual activities but common sense (that is not common) should teach couples to tame the frivolity of occurring pregnancies.

Young couples are, especially, encouraged to be effective in their monitoring of pregnancies. There are a number of birth control methods available, now, but there is need to consult medical experts before any method is chosen (if needed) at all.

By much readings and researches, we know that pregnancies do not jump on women, rather, they happen as a result of sexual intercourse with men, and that frequent sexual activities do not mean that pregnancy should happen, frequently.

In other words, when babies are needed sex is adopted, but having sex (always) by couples does not really mean pregnancies must, also, happen always.

Hence, there is the need for couples to plan (effectively) and adhere to the plans. In fact, failure to control pregnancies in a marriage puts the life of the mother at risk, and can jeopardise the emotional bond of a couple, because the woman (at certain times, due to many pregnancies) might have hormonal problems that will result into mood-swings which will not be healthy for the entire family.

[1] Jane D. Brown, Jeanne R. Steele, and Kim Walsh-Childers (edt), Sexual Teens, Sexual Media: Investigating Media’s Influence on Adolescent Sexuality, Pg7.

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