Editor’s Note: Issue 12 of Hierarchy Magazine

Hey! Lovelies, I am here: did you miss me, at all?

It has been a great break, between us, since May (this year), but I am sure that you have been reading along with us. Thanks so much for your sacrifices – made in reading all our articles.

My special thanks go to those that go out of their comfort to interact with us on each of our articles. Sincerely, your comments (always) give us senses of responsibility at OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT.

Thanks a mil.

Hey, reader! I want to briefly tell you something that I learnt this past quarter of the publication: that lesson has got me to decide never to bring my intimate relationship on social media again. Even in marriage, little will be known about my family on social media.

Above all, ‘being lovable is good, loving someone (intimately) is better, loving yourself is the best, but loving God is overall’. Hence, I want to advise you (our numerous readers) to know what works for you, when it comes to your love-life: may God help all of us to be successful in it, as well as, other areas of life.

That was a lot of digression: what have we cooked for you, in this edition?

Before letting the cat out of the bag, I want to inform you that it will be good for you to follow and read all our articles (this quarter) for a total informed life – I bet, you will be a changed person.

Kindly check the contents below:


·        Having Jesus will definitely help you get sense

·        Without Christ frustration will kill anyone in this world

·        God wants you to know, do this


·        As continuum: integrating young people into Nigeria’s political leadership


·        Dammy Krane’s arrest should teach some lessons to youths

·        How inordinate affection sets you on edge

·        Being in the media shouldn’t compromise your life

Events’ Diary

General Stories

·        Focus away from those displeased with your progress

·        Why looking back is always staying down

·        Embracing your future produces needed results


·        No little ‘exercise effort’ is anyway small

·        Wait, watch that coffee consumption time

·        Find happiness in all things, live long


·        Music creates avenue for me to preach love to our homes – Ola

Press Release

·        Press Release: Preparations for #LEC2017 in top gear

·        Song Review: We worship you – by Omolola


·        Does residential location matter before marriage?

·        Moving on after intimate relationship breaks up

·        Don’t be foolish, be real for love


·        Which is most beautiful planet of our solar system?

·        Present world existing Tigers’ subspecies

·        Is there ongoing world of new arms race?

All these articles, will, definitely, produce some new knowledge in you.

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However, registration has commenced and sponsorship is, also, opened to organisations and business individuals. I look forward to, personally, receiving you at this conference.

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As I draw the curtain on this note, I bid you Godspeed all through the remain days of this year: till we meet again, in December, please, remain Socially Responsible and be concerned in the reduction of Social Vices.

I will like to hear from you, directly.

Contact me on:

oladipoemmanuelolayinka@olemedge.com or editor@olemedge.com.

(+234) 07013289600; 08153745017.

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