Being in the media shouldn’t compromise your life

Unarguably, the media business (all over the world) is a serious business: a fortune for each nation and its practitioners.

It is interesting to note that the word ‘media’ does not (singularly) refer to an aspect of enterprise. Rather it comprises: the printing press; the moviemusicindustries; the generic media itself and every other aspect that deals with collatingstoring and disseminating information.

Mudathir Ganiyu (2004) defines journalism as, “the job of gathering, writing, and disseminating of news and views about the society through the means of the mass media”.[1]

Mudathir Ganiyu and Qasim Akinreti explain that, “The mass media, which he(Ganiyu) refers to in this case are: Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, film, books and the new media, I e. the internet”.[2]

Therefore, everyone that works in each of these enterprises (listed in the preceding paragraph) can be regarded as media practitioners: the media is a broad industry that provides means of livelihood for a large chunk of the society.

Like many other professions, the media is full of good and bad eggs: one thing that is, however, so unique about this industry is that ‘it sets the norm for the general public’.

What is then so much an issue about the media, its practitioners?

Over the years, the media (generally now) had become a promoter of promiscuitycorruption, and all manner of things illicit.

To be candid, the media does a good job (in duties, functions) but it does more harm than good – these days, due to its misuse by vast majority of its practitioners.

This article is not meant to play smart on anyone or the media industry itself, so we will not mention personalities. However, majority of the practitioners in the media industry have had one scandal or the other to deal with: brokenmarriagesillicit relationships (scandal), drug abusesfraudsmurderstaxevasions, and molestations – among others.

The concern (now) is ‘identifying the problem of the media industry’ that causes such upheaval in the lives of many of its practitioners.

Unfortunately, nothing is wrong with the industry and its intended practices, as the media functions to (or serve as): informeducateentertainopinionpolls and debate platformstatus conferralinterprets government policiesadvertising platformagent of socialisation; and the promotion and preservation of culture.[3]

We can, however, say that the  problem lies with the  practitioners. Perhaps, because the  industry had become so competitive and for some to remain relevant – they have to do dirty things.

Maybe, twisting news report will sell news copies the more; could it be that flirting around is the motivation that keeps some people creative (doubtful)? It is so weird and we are curious to know the truth.

Standard, personality tastes and values for morality should do

The rate at which marriages of media practitioners break up is alarming – owing (largely) to the issue of morality.

However, if everyone (that cares) could just uphold his/her standard of the professionrespects and protects his/her personality tastes (that includes the family) and dare to be different (in morality, against all odds), even, when everybody else is doing it wrong – there, definitely, will be calmness in the larger part of the society.

[1] Mudathir, Ganiyu and Qasim Akinreti, Secretes of Online and Multimedia Journalism: A Manual for Online and Multimedia Journalism Practice in Africa, Pg 11.

[2] Ibid.

[3] OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT, Online Journalism, Pgs 9-10.

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