Music creates avenue for me to preach love to our homes – Ola

Ola is a Nigerian Gospel Singer, Recording Artiste and Songwriter. She is, also, an OAP with a family oriented program, “Boode o dun”, which airs on different TV stations across the country.

In this interview with our Editor-In-Chief, Emmanuel Oladipo, she bears her mind on what music has enabled her to achieve, family and relaxation, as well as, the latest that her fans should look forward to – from her.

·        Excerpt.

How do you always want your fans to perceive you?

Well, my name is Onabajo Olawale, professionally known as Ola. I’m a GospelArtistSongwriter and Minister of the Gospel in words and deeds. I’m, also, into catering  and event planning, a TV Host of a family oriented program, Boode o dun (a Yoruba ‘classes of word’ that connotes a sour family scenario).

To my fansI always want them to see God in me, an example to emulate and a channel of blessing and encouragement to them all.

What have you been up to in the past 6 months Ma?

Production of 30 new episodes of my TV show was recorded and to God be the glory, it is being aired (presently) on Tiwantiwa TVChannel 111 on Gotv.

Also, the video to the song ‘Ese Loba’ was released coupled with a video song, titled, ‘Momore’ by Living Word Family which featured my humble self.

At the Present, I’m working on a duet with Barakah from Cameroun over a song titled ADDICTED TO WORSHIP which, hopefully, will hit the airwavesbefore the close of the year.

 Finally, I just came back from a Ghana Tour which took me to minister in 7 churches and was conferred with a doctorate degree in Christian Ministryfrom PCYS  Publishing UniversityNew OrleansUSA.

This year is already folding up. Will you like to share how you began the year?

Early this year, January, precisely, I had an album listening party at Marylandmall to usher in the birth of my 4th recorded album, titled, EVOLUTION. This album consist of 14 tracks featuring the likes of: MoniquePsalmosBarakahKarkakey and Atabatubu.

Lots of Gospel Ministers graced the occasion, with associates (who are into) ComedyDrama, including Actors and OAPs. Funnily, the event was packaged to also celebrate my birthday which is on the 30th of the month of January.

What next should we be expecting from you this year?

Well, my second video, titled, FLAUNT IT is scheduled for release, later, this year. Equally, a tour of Cameroun and the US.

Also, collaborating productions with two other Gospel Artistes whose names I won’t be able to mention now.

How do you manage family, music and ministry?

I’m privileged to have a wonderful husband that understands familymusic and ministryHe is the CEO of Splendour Music in which I happened to be one of their artistes.

We planned ourselves to always be available and supportive as much as possible, but sometimes (you know now), especially, on late recordings and rehearsals or being on tour – it is normal for your man to express himself in which God have being so faithful with me, in terms of wisdom to be applied.

Do you have time for relaxation and how do you like to relax?

I do relax with my husband as I don’t really have friends. We stay indoor to gistand play as much as possible, and sometimes, create timeout and leave the vicinity together to relax. That’s all.

When was your happiest moment?

A lot… I’ve series of them and I wouldn’t want to pick one as the happiest moment ranging from the day of newbirth, to my wedding day; the first day Ilaunched my first album, to the day I escaped death and entered into another greater covenant with God… E plenty o…

What will you say that music has done for you?

Music allows me to express myself freely in winning soul for Christ.

It has created an avenue for me to preach love to our homes (the generality of her audience) and society.

Also, it helps me to reach wider audience in the purpose of God in which I’m called.

What is your advice to up and coming music ministers?

To be focused on Christ and not be in a hurry.

We all have special assignment and everybody is important to the Kingdom.

Thank you very much Ma. It’s been nice chatting with you.

You are always, always welcome.

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