Don’t be foolish, be real for love

Is love really blind? People say that love is blind, but we have had hard times trying to understand the sensibility of that statement, perhaps, we should consider the meaning of blindness before one will conclude that love is or not blind.

The word ‘blind’ simply means ‘unable to see’ and this means that love, which happens as a result of interests (by two people) in each other, will not be possible if it was blind, because a person can only be interested in the thing that he/she is able to see (except in cases where one or the two people involved are actually blind – by which family members will be involved in the selection of partner{s}), thereby, selecting that which catches his/her attention.

On this note, we will like to counsel every person (in a relationship) to apply senses and not follow the general believe that ’love is blind’ – to the point of settling for what could be regretted later in life.

Being real in love saves you from future troubles

Now, we should make a point clear here. That you and your partner are both real and eventually marry each other does not rule out the presence of challenges in your family: of course, you will have your own challenges, but you must unite to overcome any challenges that arise in your marriage.

Notwithstanding, for those that are still threading the paths of love (for marriage) – go through that phase of life with your senses and be real – deceiving not yourself or your partner.

The time of relationship (purposely for marriage) is not a time to play hide and seek with other opposite sexesMany people complicate issues in their relationship – having being in a relationship, they still keep some certain level of intimacy, fair enough to make emotions run wild, with people other than their partners. No, there should be certain degrees of separation that will let those other people know that you are in a loving relationship that is meant to end in marriage.

The above is necessary, because, if you refused to do it, your relationship will (eventually) develop problems and it might end up – broken.

It was Bill Joe Daugherty that says, “The level of your relationships with friends, associates and Christians will vary. Jesus had twelve disciples… He took only three with Him… His level of relationship with them appeared to be more intimate than with the other disciples”.[1]

It is true that you will keep friends, contacts with people but you must learn to put a difference between your partner and every other opposite sex around. No doubt, knowing that you are in a relationshipsome people will still be interested in you – you can, either, foolishly allow them into your life(deceiving yourself) or let them know their place, immediately (and save your relationship from break up).

Your status don’t change only when you are married

Change of status begins from the point of entering your relationship (not until you are married) it, only, becomes legal when you are married.

In the same vein, the fact that you are not married (yet) does not make either of you to be free to and/or with other opposite sexes: as a matter of fact, once you are involved in a lovelaced relationship, no opposite sexes should get your affection or attention like your partner.

This is, not in anyway, saying that you should become (totally) tuned-off from people’s needs around you. It is not saying that you should be insensitive to same or different genders’ feelings, but your affections should (solely) be directed to your partner and you should, never, allow other opposite sexes to get the best of you, as your partner would.

Check the example below, and see how you would react if you were in that shoe.

A guy is in a love-relationship with a lady (or vice versa) , but behind the guy – the lady went to the cinema with an opposite sex (without business ties) and, even, went to the guy’s house.

Only for the guy to be called in the night to come to the rescue because she is stranded. So, he got out. Then, he demanded what happened and the above was explained.

We bet, your relationship will (never) be the same allloving again, because, you or your partner (whoever causes such to happen) would have, foolishly, breached the trust you have (both) been building – over time.

Unfortunately, many ladies are caught up in this: on social mediayou will see several ladies calling out on their counterparts to wise up and be openminded – meaning that ladies should not mind being opened to better guys(actually, wealthy ones) when they come around.

However, we wish to state here, that if you (lady) wanted a relationship (in which you are involved) to succeed, you would, better, close your mind to other guys around you. Failure to do that will mean that you are, only, playing around your partner and that once a (perceived) better person, mostly financially, comes your way – you are dumping your partner – it is not the best behaviour.

A word is enough for the wise.

[1] Billy, Joe Daugherty, Building Quality Relationships, Pg 3.

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