Does residential location matter before marriage?

Without disputes, residency matters so much in keeping a relationship (between a guy and a gal) viable, but are there some residential that do not fit for marriage?

The question will depend on many things though – to get a befitting answer.

This is because, some wouldbe couples are socially enlightened than others. Hence, what one could term below the standard, the other may term above the bar.

Notwithstanding, residential matters less (when you are still dating, courting) but will be a big deal as you prepare to marry each other.

Location matters if you needed development in your lifestyle

Believe it or not,  marriage helps  every  couple to live through phases of improvement (all  their  lives), except those who do not respect their  marriage vows (that will not experience needed and/or desired development).

As a general saying goes,  your location determines your allocation in life’, it does not, however, (fully) apply to  every  person the same way. This is because, despite being in an  unfavourable  location,  some  people have been able to rewrite the stories of  their  lives – positively.

Howbeit, a location that aligns with the kind of life that a couple desires to live will be best (for them to live in) even, when they are not totally at the level they wish yet.

Aside from the safety and socialisation (of the children), couple should do themselves some good by going for a residential that befits their desired status, their plans or that will help push them into massive advancement in life – children are, sincerely, after thoughts.

That children are after thoughts, simply, means that the couple should plan for themselves before even thinking about the children (although, there are still exceptional cases – in which the order will require planning about children along: that might be a discussion for another day) because, children will not jump into the home – there is still a space of nine months, before (at least) a child could surface: that is a long time.

It does not matter before, as much as, it matters within the marriage

Why a standard residential might not matter before the marriage is due to individual’s plan, and not that it is not valuable.

However, it is, always, good to have an improved residential (that befits the marriage) once a wouldbe couple starts to make preparations toward settling down together – with marriage vows.

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